Classic Gifts For Him

Lot of times most women find it difficult looking for an actual gift for the man of their lifetime, macho friends, father, brother and uncle. This leads to a greater problem every time an occasion approaches and gifts for men are certainly essential.

Men also keenly anticipate Christmas usually thinking what their girlfriends, wives, sisters and mothers will get them this holiday period. Lot of men wait impatiently to learn what they are receiving this year. Men are generally not out of control when they are provided with gifts. They exhibit very small feeling when unpacking their gifts contrary to women and kids.

Choosing a Good Gift for Him

We all get thrilled when holiday season is just around the corner or special occasion anytime soon like anniversaries, birthdays and so on. These exceptional days add more happiness and pleasure to our living. However, what makes these days remarkable are the gifts that you receive and give to your loved ones.

Despite the fact that you’re a big follower of shopping, selecting the appropriate gift may be one of the most complicated things to do. There are plenty of considerations when buying a gift for someone, with insufficient budget to the individual liking and everything requires important geschenkideen für männer.

Therefore, if you have no clue about buying gifts, here’s a list to have the ability to choose the appropriate gift for him:

  1. Create a want-list

You need to know the person really good to choose the best gift. Begin by creating a want-list of what he appreciates as well as little details. For example, if he loves to travel in that case search for gifts for travellers such as maps or travel journals or if your guy loves reading, create a list of books that he wants to read. Write down all the potential gift ideas and then take it easy and consider all of it. Look for something needed and would desire to have.

  1. Something classy and extraordinary

Gifts are the essence of making people that they know they are extraordinary in the best way possible. It is essential that the gift you pick is very classy and relevant. It did not have to be very costly but it should be important and significant for the person. Try to have something that resembles them of a good memory or happening. A picture frame of you guys side by side from a special occasion or all the rest that they can pertain to can make their day more special.

  1. It’s not regarding money

It’s a good time now that we blow out the fiction that only costly gifts are the ideal gifts. If you have a little more money to save you can surely buy something more consuming and classy, however if you have a low budget, you don’t have to be emotional. Take something that suits your budget and then you can be far creative about it.

  1. Include a streak of luck

Irrespective of the gift that you have, you can include a little feeling by adding a note or writing a card to make it more special and thrilling. This will bring a smile on their face.


If you are breaking your brains out what to offer your boyfriend this special time of the year, don’t worry! Whatever you offer him as much as it comes from the heart, he will definitely love it.

Shocking Online Dating Do’s And Don’ts That You Must Be Aware Of

It’s not something unusual nowadays that people have met their partners through online such as shallononline, thanks to advance technology you can easily access people internationally. That’s the thing about internet we can do whatever we want from it, it scares me at times that it too accessible to the world which causes hackers to exist, cyber bullying, cat-fishing and so on. Internet users should be careful when it comes putting everything in the internet especially personal information, so if you happen to enjoy signing up to online dating sites there are certain things that you have to consider. Since we are living in a new era dating sites are no longer a shock, it is often used by people who are seeking relationship or even soul mates thinking that there might be probability that their true love is just one chat away but then again there are still some dos and don’ts that you need to know before joining it.

  • Consider Safety

Anyone I mean anyone can access from it so know your place, most of the sites might say that they can guarantee account safety and prohibit intruders from hacking but we can never be too sure especially when the registration is just for free be smart enough to avoid being in a bad situation; don’t be an ignorant and always be alert. Learn to know the person you are talking online more before meeting up with them such as letting them send their pictures or having video calls and so on. Once you’ve decided to meet up make sure the place is public wherein you can easily get out if you have felt something repulsive. Lastly, drinking too much on a date should be prohibited you don’t want to end up in an unexpected horrifying situation.

  • Avoid using phony pictures

It’s not really a good habit to impersonate someone by using their picture without permission, there are lot of social media posers so do a thorough study if your chatting buddy is the real one. Upload photos that are not too edited because there are consequences when the both of you decided to meet up.

  • 3. Lying on your profile

The last thing that we want is someone who is pretentious, I’m sure you’ll get infuriated if someone you are talking to is not what you think he/she is. Let’s be real here, embrace what you have don’t try to filter your information just for the sake of pleasing; if it doesn’t pleases them so what at least you’re being honest like they said true love will accept for who you are.

  • Too picky or idealistic

Society have standards, you have standards but let’s not overdo it because it might lead to decision paralysis. Learn to settle the differences; appreciate each other’s flaws, get to know the person more. It’s never a wise choice to compromise one’s value especially your own well-being, looking for your perfect match will not always signify perfection but it more on understanding and accepting uncertainties.

What Outdoor Plants Can Be Given For A Kid’s Birthday?

Kids do like toys. But isn’t that a gift everyone in the party would get for the little one? Now you might be thinking what else could you gift if not for toys? Well, let’s go eco-friendly for a change. How about a gift that can teach them to love Mother Nature and be thankful to her? Gifting a plant will be an excellent idea for starters. Teaching a kid gardening will not only be amusing for the munchkin but will also render a beautiful edge to your garden.

However, there are certain points to remember when you go to select plants for kids. The ideal plants for children are those that are low in maintenance hassle free, and grow quickly in a short time. Good news is there are many such plants that fit these criteria and here are some of them.


These flowers are must for a kid’s garden. The seeds of the plants take a week’s time to germinate and are found in a variety. If you want you can also give kids the ones which will even grow as tall as them.


These might not be the ones that grow in a less span of time but these have been the favourite one amongst the kids. What is more amazing than to see them grow up only to be ready to grow up big enough for the Halloween?


These are perfect for young gardeners thanks to their low maintenance perks. In fact, marigolds can go on for long even with rough handling.


Potatoes are one thing that almost every kid loves. It is easy to grow as well. New potatoes stem from the eyes of an already existing potato only. And, it will be definitely amazing for you little one to see multiple potatoes growing from just one single potato.

Cherry Tomatoes

These crimson round sweet potatoes add a pop of colour to your kid’s garden with their bright colour. These grow easily and hence will definitely be an amusement for kids to see them grow.


It is one of the most commonly grown herbs with fresh aroma and a great one for your kid’s first garden. You will find mint plants in numerous varieties and also with very unique scents. And oh yes, Mint is a fantastic idea for mannen verjaardagscadeau as well. Your man would love to have garden-fresh mojito on his parties.


These are fast growers and also reliable. Cucumbers are a breeze to harvest as well. It’s because once the seeds are placed properly, these don’t really need much attention. Your little one will have a great time picking them with their friends for garden fresh salad.


Snapdragons are vibrant and add splash of colours to your kid’s garden. It’s fun to pinch open or close the plant’s mouth and your munchkin will love it.

So, you have quite a list here. All these plants are excellent for a kid’s gift and will help him to grow into a sensible and caring person.

What Are The Different Classic Hairstyles For Men That Will Never Lose Their Importance?

Why are stylish looks for men hairstyles really on trend?

Classic hairstyles for men are really on trend because it makes them look fashionable. Since you will see that most of the men do not take much care of their skin and others, it naturally comes to their facial hair and their real one. Now there are different hairstyles which makes them achieve the fashion sense and comes off with the trendy vibe that is going on right now. These classic hairstyles are so good that once you do them, you will see the difference between you and your earlier self with the better management of your hair in the proper way.

There are different and varieties of battery-operated hair clippers which can be used for achieving these looks anytime you want. These clippers are so good that you will want to have them during the time of your hair cutting. These hair clippers can make you achieve a range of looks that you will see on the fashion catalogs and make sure of the fact that you look clean and handsome in them. You might have heard your mother complaining about the mess of your hair that you have, but it is not a problem anymore.

What are the different hairstyles that will never lose their importance?

These different and classic hairstyles will never fade their importance. Here are they, given below in the list of points.

  • The Sleek Look

This is the one that will never lose their importance. You might see the 90’s star sporting this look all the time, but this one is the right selection for your trendy cut. It makes you take a trip back to the old age and makes you look like a high-end fashion mogul. You can always pair this hairstyle with the best suit you have in your home, and if you are going for an interview, then this is the one.

  • The side buzz cut

Buzz cuts are preferable all the time because they look classic and trendy. If you have full grown facial beard with it, then it might make you look sexier. With a trimmed buzz cut, you will look handsome than ever.

  • The front spikes

You might have seen the tumbler boys having this hairstyle, and you can achieve this look with battery operated hair clippers. All you need to do is have some clear gel around your home and style your hair in a way that will look charming and happening.

  • The gelled up look

A man looks everything when he is having his hair gelled up and rolled back. This hairstyle can compliment any shirt or suit, and if you have an event coming up, then nothing is better than selecting this one for an option.

These looks are classy, and they are selected every time. When it comes to ticking off your list from the trendiest hairstyles in the market, then these will be a correct fit for all. And with the right battery operated hair clippers, you can always choose the best.

Why Are People Crazy About Online Video Games?

If you are fed-up from daily office work then only video game would be the best option for you. It is the most effective option for you that will give you the opportunity to feel refresh as well as reduce the stress. Therefore, the question is that which game would be the best option for you? Well, you can easily visit the online gaming platform and create an account for playing different kinds of games. If you are exploring top rating game, then look at this site. Here you find what you did not get anywhere online, so this could be effective for you.

Not only this, there are some valuable facts about the online game that only a few people know. To commence with the registration that player can quickly fill out their personal information.  Due to this, players can engage with the platform of the gaming, and it would help them to choose and play any game. Now I am going to share some mind-blowing facts related to video games.

How to register yourself at online gaming platform?

As we have already mentioned in the article that people those are new on the online game platform they needs to create an account on the platform. Therefore, it could be quite complicated for you in the beginning so here are some points those will help you to understand the process of registering a new user-

  • First of all, you need to enter the username into the box.
  • Then you need to enter the email address for confirmation.
  • Maybe players also need to select their game name.
  • If it is asking for the bank account information then you can also put it for age confirmation.
  • After that, there would be an option of social networking account with which you need to attach the account.

Once everything gets don’t then you will automatically get in the gaming platform. Now you eligible to start any kind of game easily. At some online gaming platforms, people are also able to create new games as publish on them. However, for doing this, they need to buy the subscription so it could be quite expensive for you.

Chat with other players 

If you are getting bored by playing alone in the game then you should not take the risk with that because you have another option. Simply attach your account with the gaming platform and get the opportunity to play with the friends and other family members. Due to this, you are eligible to use other options of the game such as using the chatting box. In short, you are able to talk with your social networking friends via the online gaming platform.

Moving further, players are able to make different kinds of strategies before starting any mission for playing the game online. This could be the best option for the players because when we start playing in the squad then every player will give its own idea that can lead to winning the battles at the game.

An Overall Glimpse About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is something which is done for the advertising purpose by using the major digital platforms such as websites, search engines, social media, mobile apps, email and so on. Even though it encompasses a wide range of social platforms, not every other thing is taken into consideration. Most of the social media marketing such as the Wowbix for SEO and Internet Marketing Services focuses on the following major platforms to enhance digital marketing in every possible way.

  1. Paid Search

The paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is also known as the “sponsored result” which appears usually on top or side of a search engine result page (SERP).  One can modify and edit the ads to appear in a specific site as per the typed key words/search words as only the clicked ads will get paid. Thereby, the paid search is more flexible and effective in terms of visibility and the contextual ads are more beneficial as they appear to the respective typed key words.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization is a technique of optimising the content as per the reliable key words to enhance the website’s visibility by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of search engines. SEO marketing manages the key features of one’s website such as programming, content visibility and a success of the website as it is essential for the website owners to obtain a highest ranking so as to display their website in the first page of the search results which in turn increases the probability of getting visited or clicked by the users. SEO when well approached by employing some technical programming and technical tricks aids to organize one’s website effectively and makes friendly for search engines and can be used as the best digital marketing to enforce the well-constructed valuable and engaging content. Thus, SEO marketing has become one of the number one key activities for successful businesses as everything starts from search.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is not all about watching videos and posting pictures, it is used for much larger purposes such as education, research and information sharing. Hence, one must imbibe social elements into every aspect of the digital marketing. The more the people engage themselves in content, the more the chances for them share that piece of information to their friends, and circles. Thereby, they eventually become a customer and their friends too. For example, Wowbix for SEO and Internet Marketing Services, contains a section of services with regard to the effectiveness of social media marketing.

  1. Email Marketing

Email is one of the most preferable and much used social platforms. Though, it is quite formal and conventional, it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Hence, marketing through the Email holds a largest number of success rates in terms of reaching the highest number of audience. Email is a quickest and one of the direct ways in reaching relevant customers. Thus, the successful email marketing must comprises of engaging, reliable and quality information and to reach the customers, the quality email must be relevant, trustworthy, conversational, strategic, and must coordinated across the social channels.

  1. Mobile marketing

In aeons of internet and technology, no one is without mobile phones, everybody has their own phones. The mobile phone is something a personal channel which withholds a wide range of options in increasing marketing via SMS and MMS. Hence, mobile marketing makes the digital marketing extremely crucial and a nuanced element.

Hence, digital marketing has nowadays gained a new level of rising with the technical favour of above-mentioned channels. Thus, the Wowbix for SEO and Internet Marketing Services makes use of the primary channels and thereby, offers quality services to the customers.

Hiccups – How to cure that?

I am a grandfather. I have tried to cure my own hiccups, but when I was most anxious for a cure was when my children were suffering from them. We tried many things — a loud noise to scare them away, holding their breath, gulping water, even standing on their head. Nothing worked. But finally, finally — our local news reporter did a segment on home cures. She had heard of a teacher who had been curing his students of hiccups for 20 years. And it always worked — absolutely and immediately.

  • Put water in a small glass — cold or warm, it’s up to you.
  • Then light a match and douse it in the water. (Do not leave the match in the water – just put it out in it.)
  • Drink the water.
  • Hiccups gone.

A friend told me that he had known of this for years. When he was out on the town and someone in the group got the hiccups, they would use 3 matches doused in a shot glass of water. Always successful.

A day after seeing this report, my granddaughter had the hiccups. I tried the remedy, and the hiccups were gone immediately. We now use this, and it always works.

South Beach Diabetes Diet

In the twenty-first century, the popular culture is ruled by fad diets. The current wave of the diet craze is low carb. More people are ditching the bread and reaching for meat and cheese. Advocates for this type of dieting says that this type of lifestyle will lower the risk of obesity and diabetes, but fails to mention the impact of this type of eating on cholesterol and heart functioning. If you are a diabetic and are looking into a healthier way of eating, consider the south beach diabetes diet.
Here is some background on the south beach diabetes diet and why it may work better than the others:

Background on Diabetes
Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin production in the blood. When you eat something sugary, blood glucose levels are raised, which triggers the release of insulin into your system. Insulin will break down the glucose and covert is to energy. When you do not have enough insulin in your system, or when your body resists insulin, this can cause the sugar to be converted and stored to fat and not energy. More fat cells can cause a variety of health problems.

Diet Options
If you discover that you have diabetes, or insulin resistance, finding a diet that works well for your body is essential in maintaining good health and a healthy weight. Although some people suggest the Atkins diet, you may not want to consider that type of lifestyle. Atkins relies heavily on very low carb foods such as meat, cheese, and other high-fat foods that will not require as much insulin, and is slower to digest, thus causing a feeling of fullness and reduced eating leading to eventual weight loss. The only problem with this is while a diet high in fat is good for your waistline; it is not good for your heart or other organs. The south beach diabetes diet, however, is a little better rounded.

The south beach diabetes diet is a healthy balance of whole grains, fruit, lean meat, restricting most bread and sugars. It was born to reduce the negative effects of high cholesterol as well as stave of diabetes. If you are concerned about both health issues, the south beach diabetes diet may be a more beneficial diet for you than the others.
So, keep considering your options. No single diet if for everyone, and if you are living with diabetes, then you need to consider your options a little more closely.

How to turn your body into an automatic fat burning machine?

Have you ever wondered how some people will never gain a pound no matter what they eat or how much they eat?

Imagine your body having such capability of burning fat automatically, even while you are sleeping. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of body that burns fat even while you are watching TV, or sleeping, or just doing nothing?
And if you think it is not possible, you are wrong. It is very much possible.
Many have achieved that. And you can too.

I will show you how you can turn your body into an automatic fat burning machine.

Now before we proceed, do you know why those people never gain a pound no matter what they eat or how much they eat?

That’s because they have a high metabolism.

Metabolism plays an important role in burning fat even while you are at rest. This is called basal metabolism.

Everyone has different metabolisms. That is because it depends on your age, genetics, food habits, lifestyle, and body type.

You cannot definitely control your age and genetics. Lifestyle is difficult for most of us to change.

So, we are left with food habits and body type.
For this article, we shall work on body type. I will discuss food habits in a different article.

Now coming to the body type – what exactly are we looking for in a body that would increase the metabolism?

To increase metabolism, the need for energy should be increased. When the need for energy is increased, your body will burn more calories and hence the rise in metabolism.
This is exactly what we do when we do cardiovascular exercises, or work in the garden, etc.
But these are only temporary and will only last a few hours.

To make it permanent, you have to create the need that stays permanent.
And the answer to this puzzle is – lean muscle tissue.

Muscles, just by being there in your body, burn more calories than usual. It is pure science. Muscles require energy to survive. So, they burn more calories. If you have good lean muscles, your body is an automatic fat burning machine.

How effective is it?

One pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day.

Imagine you put on 10 pounds of muscle – the result is “a burn of 500 calories a day”.
That is equivalent to 1 ½ hour of playing tennis.

Now, you might ask – “Isn’t it bad to gain muscle when I am trying to lose weight?”

No. It is not bad at all. What you are trying to lose is not weight. You are trying to lose fat.
And fat weights lot less than muscle while it occupies more volume. It is like cotton and iron.
By gaining 10 pounds of muscle, you don’t look all that different. But by losing 10 pounds of fat, you look a lot different.

And above all, you also want a good shape while you lose fat. Don’t you?

By building lean muscle tissue, your body will get a great shape and sexy look.
So, don’t worry about the readings on the weigh scale.
The bottom line is to LOSE FAT (the inches) and build a GREAT SHAPE.

That said, don’t rush to your local gym yet and start lifting weights.

First, you have to understand certain facts about muscle building.

Lot of us has a wrong opinion that – the more often you lift weights, the more muscle you gain.

But that is completely wrong. If that were true, all the construction workers would be competing for Mr. Universe title.

The only way to build muscle is by following these 2 steps

1. Hurt your muscle, and
2. Allow it to repair itself

The first part – “Hurt your muscle” – can be done by lifting weights so heavy that your muscle tears.
The second part, the most ignored but most important one, is achieved by resting that muscle for a period of time. Usually a week’s time.
If you are thinking that a week is too long, you are wrong. Most bodybuilders rest a certain muscle group for a week. The whole process of building muscle happens while you are resting. This is a very important time. If you ignore this rest period, you will never see the results.
Note: You should also eat a lot of protein in order for your muscles to repair.

It doesn’t mean that you should workout only one day a week. You should divide the muscles into 3 groups (ideal) and work on one group per session. Thus resulting in 3 workout sessions per week.

The ideal division of muscle groups is –

Day 1 Legs
Day 2 Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps
Day 3 Back, and Biceps

Now that you know how to build muscles, it is also important that you learn the correct way to do the exercise routines so that you will not hurt your muscles beyond repair.
The best option is to get a personal physical trainer. But most of us cannot afford a personal physical trainer. The next option is to join a local gym, and/or to buy a book, or video, or get some expert help on the Internet.
Some of you may prefer to do workouts at home. There are varieties of tools you can use to do your workout at home. Some of them are exercise bands, exercise balls, dumbbells, barbells, or even free arms (nothing). There are videos and books available in the market that can guide you in your workouts.

Following is a great ebook that will help you build muscles.

Get Fit While You Sit – Jeff Ball, A.C.E. certified professional trainer, came up with a bunch of various exercises “specifically designed for people who have busy schedules”. He has put up “36 exercises that cover all the muscle groups in your body”. All these exercises “can be done either free arm or using simple tools like a phone book”. And the best yet is that “they can be done either at home, work, some even in your car or plane”.
You can visit his web site here. Get his ebook today and take your first step towards making your body an automatic fat burning machine.

Medical Billing Process

When you have medical problems with your family, you seek the necessary help. How can you do anything but get the necessary help? You want to see your child or spouse get better, and if seeing a doc or going to a hospital is necessary you just do it. At least that is my attitude.

I am fortunate to have health insurance through my job. I know that many people do not have that luxury these days due to the rapidly rising cost of premiums. Health costs are astronomical; we all know it, we all hate it. What gets me though is that medical billing is like no other business out there.

How many businesses do you deal with that don’t tell you upfront pricing, can bill you for months and seemingly even years later from the various parties involved and can provide terrible service with no assurance of quality or outcome? Let me break that down.

When you head into a hospital for care, you have no idea what things will cost. Of course, they don’t always have time to explain every treatment option and applicable pricing for you to make a fiduciary decision at every step of the way. That said, it would be nice to know up front based on your insurance what your costs are going to be for the daily stay, doctor fees, etc. In the heat of the moment, you are not going to be ticking off a list of what you can afford, but I do know I am the type as a parent that I would like to have a daily summary of my increasing bill printed out so I know what to expect once treatment is finished.

I always wonder if hospitals don’t want to produce an ongoing bill for you because they are afraid you will find their errors because it is so fresh in your mind. Do they wait months to start sending out bills so you have let the individual procedures and people involved slip your mind and just have to trust that they got things right? Perhaps they don’t have any idea themselves until they get some creative accounting underway and see what your insurance will tolerate, then send the remainder of costs on to you to cause another heart attack and start the treatment/billing cycle all over again.

Then comes the way billing takes place. Getting billed much later is not the only kick in the gut you are going to receive later on; it is the repeated kicks that really get you down. Usually, the facility itself is the first to arrive in your mailbox, large and in charge. After you work your way through that painful check writing process, then comes the treating doctor. Yep, they bill separately. Did you need any anesthetics in the process? Yep, different billing group for that. How about oxygen therapy…they have their own bill. Physical or occupational therapy…the list goes on. Even if all these treatments are housed and received under the same facility, they all have their own billing, and it all adds up big time.

Now, on to the quality of service and guarantee of outcome. Ok, I realize doctors cannot ensure you will always get better simply due to the nature of various injuries. I think I am typically a reasonable guy. I do think there should be some discount or reduction in costs if they fail to accomplish the tasks they set out to do. That kick in the gut I mentioned about delayed billing is nothing like the one you receive when you are paying for services that failed. I have a friend that talked to me about how painful it was to pay the bills for a difficult late-term miscarriage they went through. Yes, after having lost a child at nearly full term they had to pay costs that exceeded had the child actually been born. Let’s just kick them when they are really down.

Given the fact that medicine cannot solve all things, at least there should be some measure of the quality of service received and the ability to challenge fees when those services do not meet the required criteria. I know I have personally experienced mistakes and failings that have gone on to actually hurt a child of mine in a very real way. Though I never took this to legal recourse, I likely could have. With so much fear of legal battles the medical field cannot even reveal an ounce of wrong on their part for fear of big liabilities; because of this, we have no means of oversight or quality assurance in the care we receive.

All this comes to mind because of the recently hospitalized care my son is receiving. He was quickly moved to a care facility for his needs, but now that we are working through the treatment we have begun talking to the billing department to get a handle on what our costs are going to be. We are finding that even after what insurance covers our costs of being in this outfit rival a full hospitalization. As I mentioned in a previous post, we have had very frank talks with his treatment team on the ineffectiveness of most of what they are doing, to which they actually agree. Will we receive a discount because of their lack of ability to effectively treat my child…of course not. 1/3 of the treatment team seems adept at what they are doing, and that is the primary side of what we came for anyway. So, for the other doctors involved, I really don’t feel justified in paying them for services they cannot effectively render. Of course, the cost of the facility is fixed, and the doctors are billing on top of that.

In the end, I will pay the fees and move on; I really do not have a choice. Before you receive any services they force documents on you that are essentially a blank check. You promise your life away so they will begin care. In effect, the document you sign says you will pay whatever they deem necessary to bill associated with the treatment of your child. Other than medicine, what business these days could get away with that?

Kids Need to Experience Life

I have four kids, which means I have four distinct little personalities that are growing in my home. Each is unique in the way they approach life, especially trying out new things. My oldest boy is disabled, so he is, of course, different than the norm, but the others fall into more typically known categories.

The second boy is all boy. He is aggressive, loud, physical and charges into things head-on, resulting in many bumps and bruises along the way. I consider this part of life and figure I just need to be ready for whatever may happen. I just cross my fingers and hope we avoid any major breaks or cuts. This is how kids learn their capabilities, where they end, and why boundaries can be important. This is hard for some parents to realize, and some never learn, preferring to isolate their kids from ever experiencing consequences.
Last year he was drawn into the Heely craze big time. He wanted them more than anything and really could not think of much else. Fortunately for him, Christmas came around, and a pair of Heely’s were under the tree. He has loved those things, and from our perspective, the scrapes and bruises he has gained while learning to use them are par for the course.

I came across an AP article today published our local rag talking about the safety concerns related to Heelys. Some doctors are advising that Heely’s are more dangerous than you might at first think, and several stats are quoted of Heely related injuries. Even one death occurred.

The part that sparked this rant though was the mother quoted that threw her kid’s Heelys after the kid got hurt on them. Oh my, are these things really dangerous? I better not let my kid use them. She also mentions previously throwing out the trampoline after reading about all the related safety hazards. Gee, you think bouncing high in the air in a small defined space with the hard ground around that space would be dangerous? You might have predicted that problem prior to making the initial purchase with perhaps even a little forethought.
Give me a break! Kids can get hurt walking down the street! Their growing bodies cause all kinds of coordination problems that make the old cliche of walking chewing gum at the same time a real difficulty. If I took away every possible recreational activity that my kids could possibly harm themselves doing, they would do nothing at all. But then, doing nothing would make them fat and lazy, so I guess they will get hurt if I do that too. I can’t win!

Think back to all the things we did as kids, some we got hurt doing, others we managed to avoid injury by the skin of our teeth. What you remember most though was…it was fun! We may not all be daredevils, but as kids, we all need some amount of physical activity every day as part of our physical growth and development. Everything physical we do carries a level of risk. Remember the old skates we had that you could strap on to your shoes? Now those were safe… Those old metal wheels would launch you through the air with even the smallest pebble or crack in the sidewalk.

Even baseball is one of the highest injury-related sports, but we’re not giving that up! Kids gotta live life to enjoy it, and they gotta live life to get good at it. Protect your kids from the really dangerous stuff, and do your best to advise them on the rest. They’ll listen sometimes, and other times it will take experiencing the consequences to learn to listen in the future. That’s life. Those are some powerful lessons to learn as a kid so you can be a somewhat intelligent adult. Look around and tell me you can’t identify the adults that didn’t learn their life lessons as kids. If you can’t, you may just be one of them!

Gary Marbut, Missoula, MT

Gary Marbut’s whole life revolves around guns. He is a firearms instructor, user, competitor, collector and advocate; he makes his own ammunition in the basement of the house he built himself and fabricates steel shooting range targets in his shop. Oh, and by the way, they are not “weapons.” He calmly informed us that “in Montana culture, one does not say ‘weapons,’ because that would imply offensive purposes; here, they are called ‘firearms.’” Gary does everything calmly.

Gary Marbut, Missoula, MT We came to Missoula, MT to talk to Gary because he might be the single most effective individual political advocate for gun rights in the country, at least as measured by laws passed. His group, the Montana Shooting Sports Assocation, has successfully advocated, written and passed more than 50 laws in the Montana Legislature – if you’re hunting elk with a handgun in Montana, thank Gary Marbut. He is also the author of the Firearms Freedom Act, a full frontal assault on the power of the US Government to regulate firearms under the Commerce Clause. Most legal scholars dismiss it as crazy, but ten state legislatures have passed it. As I write this, everybody’s waiting for the US Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. If they overturn it as an overreach of commerce clause power, then Gary Marbut moves one giant step away from crazy and towards being a prophet.

We talked about his vision of the Constitution, but he also taught me to shoot, which he does extremely well; he brags of having taught more than 3500 people the art of armed self-defense. I went from total ignorance to working my way, somewhat credibly, through a practical shooting course, drawing my (or rather, his) Glock 9mm pistol, moving to position, shooting at targets, moving to another position, shooting at those, trying to score both for accuracy and time. It was an exhilarating, terrifying and challenging, and I took to it instantly. Anyone about to argue about firearms policy needs to begin with this understanding: firing guns is really, really fun.

Gary says I did pretty well for a rookie, although on my last go-round through the corse, in which I was trying to break 45 seconds (he did it in 17), I winged one of the “hostages,” a white cardboard silhouette mounted in front of a corrugated brown one.* This cost me a lot of points, but it’s my contention that it twitched at the last second.

Gary Marbut, Missoula, MT

But as we were saying farewell, I looked around at his friends going through the course (the best guy was Mike, a retired CPA, who did it in 15 seconds), and I said, “Here you and your friends are, each of you owning multiple guns with more at home. You’re here firing off all the ammo you want, and I’d say you were free to do it till the cops come, but we both know they’re not going to.”

“If they did come, they’d be training on the next range over,” he laughed.

“Right. So what’s your complaint? You have complete and total freedom to own and use firearms all you want. This is a gunner’s paradise. What’s so wrong with the Constitution that you’re trying so hard to fix it?”

“I’m not trying to fix it,” said Gary. “I’m trying to improve it.”

*Yes, I know. I honestly don’t think they mean anything by it.

Daylight Savings Time

After that oh-so-serious last post, I felt like I needed to follow up with a little more lighthearted one for the day. Can’t have too much serious in one day without a little humor to counter and maintain some balance in life.

Daylight Savings time on the surface seems to be a good thing. Supposedly we save some energy by having the daylight hours best fitting our normal day. At least that is the logic we are given. I am beginning to wonder if their energy savings are merited when considering the loss of productivity due to the nationwide period of sleep deprivation as we all make the change to our schedules to accommodate this time change. Some years have been fairly seamless for me, but this year so far “spring forward” has been doing me in!

Daylight Savings Time

I know it is not just me either, my whole family is struggling with it. Perhaps it is because they have extended the program to happen earlier in the year now, but because it is so dark in the morning it sure doesn’t seem like the time to get up with that alarm sounds. This morning I had to literally extricate my kids from their beds and threaten dunking in a cold bath to get them to get moving. I did take a little sadistic enjoyment in exercising my fatherly role doing that this morning, but that is beside the point.

There has to be an impact on the national job productivity for at least the week following the time change. People getting in late to work, not performing their tasks as well and generally having a difficult time getting going in the morning. Then, of course, there is that week of dread prior to the time change where everyone talks about how much they are going to miss that hour of sleep they are losing for a while. Then there is the truth out of it folks that are an hour late because they still have not changed their clocks on Monday, forgetting two days in a row. If you have coworkers using that excuse on Tuesday, you might want to warn them of an impending employee review if they don’t figure out how to switch their clocks, and soon.

I have family that lives in Arizona, land of the blazing hot sun. As a state, they have thumbed their collective noses at the daylight savings program. “We don’t need no stinkin’ time change. We have all the sun we need, and then some.” From the temperatures I hear them experience in the thick of summer, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them as a state decide to switch to daylight losing program where everyone agrees to work nights and sleep all day in the cool of air conditioning.

Daylight Savings Time

Then, of course, there are places like northern Alaska that could do with a little extra nighttime for a good part of the year. Blackout curtains must be a required installation in homes up there.

Whatever your feelings on the program may be, if you live in a state that follows it, you really don’t have any choice. Not like you can stage a personal rebellion and stick with the “actual” time throughout the spring, summer and into fall. It would be kind of fun to try though. I can see providing people with meeting times in your personal time zone and requiring them to make the adjustment. “Yes, we will be meeting at 9 am MNDST…that is Mountain with No Daylight Savings Time zone.” Be sure to note the time difference…that is all.

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Sleep Well No Matter Where You Are With A Portable Hammock

Hammocks have been around for a very long time and while people initially considered it as an accessory that they could add to their garden so they could relax and bask in the sun while listening to some good music or reading a book on a lazy afternoon, this two person hammock is a lot more useful than that. If you love traveling, but hate spending the night in an uncomfortable sleeping bag, it’s time to get a hammock with portable hammock stands. Unlike the traditional hammocks and stands, the portable versions are light, easy to fold and convenient to travel with.

There is no chance of any sprains or back aches happening through the night as the hammock will take care of all these issues. Since a hammock is suspended between two stands or two trees you can also adjust it based on the length that you need unlike beds where your legs do not fit if you are too tall. No one is too tall or too short for a hammock making it the perfect companion for a good night’s sleep. If you are not sleeping on a hammock you should consider switching to one today.

If you love spending time in hammocks, it’s time to get one for you to travel with. While hammocks in the early day needed to be set up so they remain fixed to a particular place, there are portable hammocks that come along with a portable hammock stand which is lightweight and foldable. This hammock is ideal for people who love to travel, but hate sleeping in a sleeping bag. These hammocks can be set up in no time and do not require any effort. It takes a few minutes to put it up or take it down.

Apart from working as a bed at night, hammocks can also double up as chairs in the day. They are very relaxing and you can spend some time out in the open relaxing on a hammock. Once you’re back home, you can even set up this hammock in your garden so you can relax while your reading a book or just enjoying the outdoors. Hammocks are known to put people to sleep in no time. The swinging motion that a hammock has is known to relax the body and get you to sleep without too much stress.

When people sleep on regular mattresses there is always the big problem of sleeping wrong and causing a sprain in the back or the neck. By sleeping in a hammock there is no chance of this happening. Your entire back and neck is stretched out taking care of any muscle sprains that may occur while sleeping. With a hammock there is no need to spend extravagant amounts of money on orthopedic mattresses and pillows to solve the back and neck pain problems.

Another huge advantage of hammocks is there is no need for installing and air conditioner or keeping the cooler on the entire night.