5 Exercises To Gain Muscle In Your Arms

Gain Muscle

Make sure you are working on the triceps as well as the biceps. This means that you should make sure that both sides of the arms are worked out. Most of the time what happens is that your biceps are the ones that get all the workout and the triceps get none. But the triceps are equally important to be worked out as the biceps. Therefore to gain muscles in your arms you should make sure that you work out both the muscles. Here are some exercises to gain muscles in your arms.

Stick to the basics:

First, you need to remember that before you go for your curls you need to make sure that you complete your basic exercises and learn more about the production of testosterone in your body. More than anything this will help you to gain muscle in your arms. Also, this will warm you up for the higher density exercises. Do not forget your round of push-ups and chin-ups every day that will work on the group of muscles in your arms.

Get strong:

This seems like a simple instruction to gain muscles but in reality, this is a very hard step to follow. However, this is very essential because if you want to gain muscles then you need to be lifting some heavyweights. For lifting heavy weights you need to be strong. This would mean that you follow your diet and get the energy that is required to lift those heavyweights. Also, try to progress in your sets as you keep repeating them. Keep your progress slow but make sure that you are progressing. Even if it just in small steps make sure that you are making progress. This will ensure that you are getting stronger.

Improve your grip:

To gain muscle you must make sure that you have a good grip while you are doing your curls. There are many who do their curls irrespective of what grip they have. However, the grip is one of the most important factors in the exercise resulting in which the entire effect of the exercise is measured. One of the most important things when exercising is to improve your grip.

Ditch the lifting straps:

This is one of the most basic instructions but to gain muscle you must make sure that you can do your own reps while lifting weights without the help of the lifting straps. This will not only ensure your strength but also give you more confidence in lifting your weights. If you have to decrease a little weight to do this then it’s fine but try to do it without any support.

Eat and gain weight:

To gain muscle you must make sure that you gain weight first. Only if you have mass in your body can that be converted into muscle? Therefore make sure that you have gained enough weight through your diet before you begin to exercise to gain muscle in your arms.