Are All The Guns Used In Rainbow Six Siege Real? – Some Of The Best Examples

If you play Rainbow Six Siege, you will get the opportunity to use some of the most popular guns used in real life by various anti-terrorist squads worldwide. The guns have been made so original that after playing with them, you will sometimes even feel the weapon’s weight. The developers of the game have successfully preserved all the physical characteristics and parameters of the real guns. Here are some of such weapons available in r6 accounts.

Heckler & Koch UMP45:

You will get lightweight, compact, and easily usable submachine guns in this game. This gun was released in the year 1999 in reality. The Marines and Special Forces have used it in Mexico, the United States, and seventeen other countries. 600 rounds per minute can be shoot from this gun, and the weight of this weapon is around 2.45 kg. This weapon is liked for the reliability rather than its speed.

It can be best used in locations like banks to fight in both spacious rooms and close range. In such a situation, this lightweight and the compact gun will be one of the best options.

Benelli M1014:

This is another gun that has been used very frequently by the Special Forces in realty. The weight of the same is around 4 Kg. The Special Forces in 21 countries use it. In a building where there are plenty of windows, this gun will be perfect for use. It will be easy to penetrate inside such rooms where you need to shoot in short range. In such scenarios, the destructive power will be much more than a general machine gun in r6 accounts.

Mossberg M590A1:

If you like to use a pump-action shotgun, then this is one of the best options that you can go for. This can be used best in any kind of labyrinthine location where there are plenty of small rooms. In such rooms, all the operators will be required to be armed with all the shotguns. This kind of gun will be beneficial for using short distances. In reality, this gun is considered to be very much reliable in case of special operations.

Degtyarev RP-46:

This is one of the most ancient machine guns, proven to be the most powerful and reliable weapon in reality and the game. 600 rounds can be shoot per minute from this gun. In places like Hereford military base, where you will need to do both defense and attack, this gun will be handy. You can fire at anything you want to move the target down with this light machine gun, whether it is a vehicle or a soldier.


This semi-automated gun was first used in Russia, and then it has been used by the American soldiers as well. This weapon can be considered perfect for use in short distances. In the case of open territories, you can use this gun in the game. In such vast places, you will need to explore the whole situation carefully, and you need to take specific preparation for fighting. This gun is going to help you in such places a lot.

Steyr AUG A2:

In reality, this gun is first used by the Austrian army. This weapon became very much popular, and there were many clones of this gun made in different other countries, but those were not as effective as the original one.

It is designed in such a way that you can use it effectively in any sort of map. Especially in those places, where you cannot go to the top of the roof because of ice and snow, these assault rifles can come into your work. You can use this weapon at both places, inside the building, and in open spaces also.