Are Electronic Cigarettes The Miracle Weve Been Waiting For

In the United Kingdom the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown so much that experts predict that the amount of consumers in the country will reach one million and the trend will continue to grow. Many experts and past smokers feel that these devices are the answer to quitting smoking and a healthier alternative to having a nicotine break. But there are of course a few sceptics and we take a look at both sides of the story.

With a country wide smoking ban that has been in effect for a few years now you may find yourself shocked when you visit some of the busy pubs in Manchester city. Here you will find smokers freely indulging in what look like cigarettes whilst socialising and having a drink with friends or colleagues. But give it a second look and you will see they are using electronic cigarettes. The smoking ban does not cover these devices as there is no harmful passive smoke or smoke particles emitted form them. Instead you have an odourless vapour that is inhaled and exhaled.

A quick chat to some of the people sitting at the nearest table tells a tale of ex smokers who have managed to give up tobacco products and switch to a healthier alternative. Most have tried nicotine patches, gum, and even inhalers but with little affect. Also because when using e-cigs you are basically repeating the same actions as you would with a conventional cigarette and the taste is the same but you have non of the cravings you would get using other methods.

Those who do not know what is going on would think the clouds coming out are smoke from the devices but this is actually vapour from the electric cigarettes. This means that there is none of the passive smoke you would get from normal tobacco products. This is a good thing for both smokers and non smokers.

The charity Action on Smoking and Health does have a few small concerns as the numbers of users hits nearly one million in the United Kingdom. These are mainly to do with them being unregulated devices as they can be freely sold and bought over the internet by any one and there are no age restrictions on the sale of them. This is simply because of a lack of regulation by government agencies and the fact that they are not regulated like tobacco or medicines like other products on the market.

But the good news is that many experts including those at the Royal College of Physicians believe that there is still a very good health benefit to using these devices. They make sense and the fact that nicotine is not a hazardous drug means that they are less harmful than smoking. Looking at it purely from a smoker’s point of view they are not inhaling dangerous toxins that have dire respiratory consequences in later life will have a drastic impact on people’s lives. Also there are claims that is could save up to five million lives in the UK along. From a financial aspect the NHS will also save money in treating smoking related illnesses so there are many benefits all round. People can buy best Geekvape products online from a trusted legal site. Do not forget this is a matter of health. Also, there are precautions stated already on the kit and it is important for the consumer to follow them before he or she starts intaking it. A positive response to the regulation calls from the manufacturers has gone down well as most of them welcome this and say it would be very good for the industry. They are hoping that further testing and to ensure that the e-liquid cartridges are made with safe contents would increase the amount of user’s world-wide.