Bottled Spring Water vs. Purified Water – A Major Truth

Water security and purity are a growing concern for households across the world.  With the recent incidents using impure water, consumers wonder and are concerned about water usage and looking forward to understanding where the water they drink comes from and how pure the water is?

It has resulted in making people transition to the use of bottled water instead of tap water. The two main types of bottled water are purified and spring water.  All drinking water is filtered. It includes all water bottles and tap water of any sort that doesn’t tell the consumer much about the water, as both purified and spring waters must be filtered before being sold to consumers.

Some Crucial Distinctions between Purified and Spring Water

  • Most of the bottled water sold is claimed to be “purified water.” Companies aren’t legally allowed to sell “purified water” until they prove the overall impurity level below 10 million per part.
  • It means that purified waters are often-times subject to intensive treatment processes and filtration systems to remove particles or substances that may restrict their product from obtaining “purified status.”
  • The most standard bottled water alternative to purified water is the “spring water.”  The phrase on the water bottles is frequently labeled on the bottle, but it doesn’t say “spring” specifically; other names for spring water include groundwater, well water, or artesian water – they all refer to the same type of product.
  • Natural springs are generally established along the sides of hills and in mountain valleys, allowing people to taste different and unique tastes. Many people consider spring water as the better-tasting water due to naturally occurring minerals. Springwater is a method that preserves the mineral content while removing microbes and other impurities.

  • Springwater may or may not undergo intensive treatment before its distribution.  The real difference between spring water over purified water is that it comes from a “pure” source, where human-made contaminants are low, and natural minerals are abundant. Many people believe that the minerals present in spring water are beneficial for health.
  • Some people prefer using spring water as it has natural minerals that wouldn’t be found in purified options. These additional minerals make spring water more health-beneficial, and some even claim to improve the water’s taste. You can also find water delivery service in various parts of the world that shows how important and essential the water is for each and every living creature.
  • Both types of water are perfectly fine to drink; spring water offers several benefits that purified water doesn’t. It occurs due to the presence of natural minerals that get removed during the purification process. Finally, it is declared that both purified water and spring water are considered safe to drink. Depending on your local tap water quality, both spring and purified waters are likely purer than water from the faucet.

For a better understand, you have to pay proper attention to all the various points mentioned above. It will also significantly impact your health if you opt for the best water for your body.