Bunker Bed- Perfect Resting Place for Working Class

 It is time for the festivities as Christmas is barely a month away where you can start planting your tree and go for shopping from next week but those that have the blessed tidings of becoming parents have a different story to tell.

You have to make sure that your newborn is well taken care of for a year as this is the most delicate period of his life while people that are living far away from home in boarding school and hostels need to pull up their socks so that they can make their time comfortable to begin with.

Hostel life is considered a mixed bag among individuals where half of them enjoy it as it gives a chance to them start living independently away from the comfort zone of their home where you don’t have home cooked food but one where you become the cook.


One thing that almost every hostel and boarding school has is the bunker bed where the students can sleep on although it is very different from the warmth comfort that you get while sleeping in your home bed.

Let us now look at some of the best bunker beds that one can avail this season so that things work out well:

  • Standard Bunk- It is one of the more well known beds that closely resembles a Võrevoodi even though it is a bit smaller in size but still the twin beds make it easy for two people to sleep comfortably
  • Standard Loft- It has a bed on the top where one mattress can be placed at a time while the floor area can be used to create a miniature workspace for office
  • Triple Bunk- You won’t find this one in homes but in hostels, they are very prevalent in the inner dormitories because two to three people have to stay in a room and this is a comfortable one at that