Daylight Savings Time

After that oh-so-serious last post, I felt like I needed to follow up with a little more lighthearted one for the day. Can’t have too much serious in one day without a little humor to counter and maintain some balance in life.

Daylight Savings time on the surface seems to be a good thing. Supposedly we save some energy by having the daylight hours best fitting our normal day. At least that is the logic we are given. I am beginning to wonder if their energy savings are merited when considering the loss of productivity due to the nationwide period of sleep deprivation as we all make the change to our schedules to accommodate this time change. Some years have been fairly seamless for me, but this year so far “spring forward” has been doing me in!

Daylight Savings Time

I know it is not just me either, my whole family is struggling with it. Perhaps it is because they have extended the program to happen earlier in the year now, but because it is so dark in the morning it sure doesn’t seem like the time to get up with that alarm sounds. This morning I had to literally extricate my kids from their beds and threaten dunking in a cold bath to get them to get moving. I did take a little sadistic enjoyment in exercising my fatherly role doing that this morning, but that is beside the point.

There has to be an impact on the national job productivity for at least the week following the time change. People getting in late to work, not performing their tasks as well and generally having a difficult time getting going in the morning. Then, of course, there is that week of dread prior to the time change where everyone talks about how much they are going to miss that hour of sleep they are losing for a while. Then there is the truth out of it folks that are an hour late because they still have not changed their clocks on Monday, forgetting two days in a row. If you have coworkers using that excuse on Tuesday, you might want to warn them of an impending employee review if they don’t figure out how to switch their clocks, and soon.

I have family that lives in Arizona, land of the blazing hot sun. As a state, they have thumbed their collective noses at the daylight savings program. “We don’t need no stinkin’ time change. We have all the sun we need, and then some.” From the temperatures I hear them experience in the thick of summer, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them as a state decide to switch to daylight losing program where everyone agrees to work nights and sleep all day in the cool of air conditioning.

Daylight Savings Time

Then, of course, there are places like northern Alaska that could do with a little extra nighttime for a good part of the year. Blackout curtains must be a required installation in homes up there.

Whatever your feelings on the program may be, if you live in a state that follows it, you really don’t have any choice. Not like you can stage a personal rebellion and stick with the “actual” time throughout the spring, summer and into fall. It would be kind of fun to try though. I can see providing people with meeting times in your personal time zone and requiring them to make the adjustment. “Yes, we will be meeting at 9 am MNDST…that is Mountain with No Daylight Savings Time zone.” Be sure to note the time difference…that is all.