Everyone Loves Funko Pop Blitz, Here’s Why You Will Too

We have all seen those cute toys at the store that resemble our favorite comic or even movie characters, but the best ones are those that picked up fame in recent times and get called “Funko Pop.”

Once the fame rose, the creators started making more and more Funko Pop toys and started including the crowd’s favorite movie and comic characters.

Well, what was next? The creators decided to create a game that involved these Funko Pop characters and decided to name it Funko Pop Blitz. That’s all needed for fans to start rooting; the game became an instant hit and remains popular up to this date.

Now, let’s understand what Funko Pop Blitz is all about.

What is Funko Pop! Blitz?

As we have already established, it’s a game, but not just any game. Unlike most games, Funko Pop! Blitz is not another passe that’ll be off everyone’s mind in a week or two; instead, it’s a game that keeps its users on the edge of their seats and keeps them engaged. 

Everyone loves matching games, especially those with puzzle rounds. The Funko Pop Blitz game allows players to virtually collect their favorite Funko Pop characters as the game progresses. The players have to match three similar pieces together to win points and complete the puzzle within the given time limit.

Moreover, when the players are only starting to play, they may choose the first piece of their collection out of their four options.

As the game progresses, the players have to make quick matches and earn as many points as possible in the given time limit of 60 seconds. 

So what’s so special about Funko Pop! Blitz?

Unlike any other matching games, the Funko Pop Blitz characters each have one unique ability that you may use by matching that character over and over and filling up its power bar. 

That’s not all; the game has its very own Blitz mode. A Blitz meter is located at the bottom of the screen that gets charged up as you play. Once the bar gets charged, it automatically adds up 5 seconds to the timer and gives you more time to earn points.

The game’s whole concept is to make faster and more matches in the time limit provided. The time limit encourages the players to make quick moves to earn more points.

Moreover, the more points you earn, the more virtual Funko Pop figures you will add to your virtual Funko Pop collection. 

That’s not all; all characters have their exclusive stickers, and once you have collected all the stickers, it increases the power of the characters, which will help you play with more power in future games.

New characters get added timely, which keeps the interest of the game. They also launch time-limited items that can get collected by playing during that interval.

If you still haven’t started playing, why are you still waiting? Install it and start playing now. You will love it in every possible way!