Getting A Big Thrill Out Of Mario Games

You would be having a hard time looking for someone who doesn’t know Mario. And you would also have a hard time finding someone who had never played Mario at least once in his or her life. This only means that Super Mario is, if not the most, one of the most popular game characters in the world. Appealing graphics, interesting adventure mechanics, lovable characters, jolly music and persuasive challenges are just some of the reasons why this game penetrates the gaming industry for decades. In addition, Mario games can now also be played in different devices such as smartphones, consoles, computers, and even Mario games xbox 360. This provides a new paradigm for gamers to play this iconic game anywhere and anytime.

So, if you are a serious player and a fanatic gamer of Mario games, you might want to know some of the unlocked things in Mario games. Or in simple terms, you’d like to know some of the tricks and tips on how to fully enjoy the game and get a big thrill out of it. Since the online gaming world is a never ending quest, just like Mario, this article will provide you with some, as they call it, “spoilers” about the iconic game. The main goal of this article is not to totally spoon feed you with the secrets of the game, but to awaken and re-ignite the fire of your desire in playing Mario games.

To fully arm you with the secrets and unlocks of Mario games, this article will go through the latest version of Mario which is the Super Mario Odyssey and the general Mario games of all types. Are you ready? Here we go.

Super mario odyssey

Graffiti leads to hearts

Hearts can be found in question blocks, but are also hidden in all the areas of each kingdom. And one of the secrets will be found in a strange graffiti. From there, you’ll see the sticker like icons pasted on different surfaces of the wall. Tossing Cappy towards them will make a happy heart to pop free. So, as a rule of thumb, make sure that you are carefully scanning and observing your surroundings to get these markings.

Crouching mario – hidden coins

The entire game has a wide field where coins are hiding all throughout. You can see these coins in different areas of the game. Whether they are scattered across the ground or floating in air in some places, you need to be a keen observant to see these coins.

Capping all the coins

Cappy has numerous uses in the game. Thus, it is important that you look for it. At the very beginning of the game, you’re taught an important lesson about Mario’s stylish new lid that can go unseen if you are not observing enough. In the game, you’ll see a lot of cosmetic objects hidden in a small opening area of the Cap kingdom where you can catch cappy.

General mario games

Flag pole fireworks and bonus items

In completing a level, if the last tow digits in the time remaining are the same under 33, 33, 22, this means that the level will end in 8 bit fireworks and music. Consequently, the toad will go to you and you have to walk past the goal to speak to toad who will now give you an item.

Penguin suit and propeller suit

In superstar road, it is an imperative for you to pick penguin suit and propeller suit as these suits will no longer be available in the rest of the game. So, you like to use the benefits of these suits in the game, make sure you are able to get them in the mentioned road.

Beat infinite mushroom

You need to beat the game to unlock infinite mushroom houses. They will appear in all the location exactly the same area where they always appear. So be mndful of that.

Free acorns and pcorns

Usually, Acorns and Pcorns appear on the map screen in the road of Acorn plains. In order to get them, you need to beat every level as you progress in the game. This will allow you to have many acorns and pcorns.

Save file stars

As rule of thumb in Mario games, here are the ways you can save file stars: Defeat bowser in world 8, complete every level by peach’s castle, get every star coin in the superstar road, get every coin in the first 8 worlds, get all star coins in superstar road level 9, and find all 94 flag poles.