Handy Guide for Making Cannabis Oil

Are you aspiring to craft Cannabis oil at home? Now, that’s a great idea no doubt. Cannabis oil is known to deal with some serious ailments, including chronic issues like cancer or epilepsy. Yes, you will get cannabis oil in the market. But nothing can beat the freshness of a home-grown oil.

The Cannabis plant is known to have two main constituents. One of them is Cannabidiol ,otherwise known as CBD. And the other component is delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as THC. Procured from the least processed part of the Cannabis plant, i.e. Hemp, Cannabis oil is quickly gaining much popularity among the general audience. It’s excellent to beat depression, regularize sleep patterns, improve cardiovascular health and so on. TheCannabisRadar is exclusively devoted to bring all matters regarding CBD to the forefront for better understanding.

Cannabis oil id great for both physical & mental wellness and here is brief on creating it at home.

Steps to follow in the production of Cannabis oil:-


To begin the process of making cannabis oil you must first start by gathering the ingredients that will be required for the oil’s production.

  • 99% of Isopropyl Alcohol:

The alcohol needs to be chilled overnight in the freezer. This helps separate trichomes from the flower easily thereby making the process simpler. You will need to use 2 cups of 500 ml each or 2 gallons of 7.75 liters each for per pound of cannabis. Remember to always use alcohol which humans usually consume. In other words, do not ever go for rubbing alcohol.

  • Marijuana:

Now there are various kinds Marijuana available in the market. Each is different from the other but all of these tend to serve the same purpose more or less. You can use whichever strain you most desire but it is best to settle on the one that is laden in trichome. The quantity also obviously plays a big hand in the oil’s production. You will find it easier to work with a larger amount of Cannabis. However, the production of oil is dependent on your strain and an ounce of good marijuana will likely produce two to three grams of oil.


Supplies required in the oil making process are as follows.

  • Two big stainless steel pots
  • A stirring spoon preferably wooden
  • A double boiler
  • Measuing cups
  • Syringes of the larger kind
  • Glass containers
  • A good 3 to 4 hours for the whole process to take place


  1. Pour your weed into the steel pot and dampen it with the alcohol. Proceed to crush your weed with a spoon to make a mixture. Keep adding more amounts of alcohol until you see the plant immersed and an even mixture has been created.
  2. For the next step, block the lid of your pot containing the mixture and pour the solvent in another pot keeping most of the plant matter in the first bucket itself.
  3. Repeat the first step again with alcohol to wash the plant matter once again.
  4. Repeat the second process once again by pouring the solvent into the second pot.
  5. Bring out your double boiler and fill the bottom half with water and top-most section with dark green solvent liquid obtained. Start by boiling the water by using the stove, once the water begins boiling the heat will slowly spread to the green liquid. Once the green liquid is adequately heated it will begin evaporating the alcohol present in it. Stir the pot occasionally.
  6. You will know your cannabis oil is ready once the liquid stops bubbling and reduces to thick, green syrup or oil. The oil can only be formed once the alcohol has completely evaporated itself.
  7. Take off the double boiler’s list and let the oil inside it cool off
  8. Use the large syringe to draw out the cannabis oil and pour it into glass containers
  9. Store the oil in these glass jars in cool and dark places for prolonged usage. Cannabis oil is known to harden over time therefore you can heat it gently before using it.

Finally, you have your very own Cannabis oil ready to be used.