Hiccups – How to cure that?

I am a grandfather. I have tried to cure my own hiccups, but when I was most anxious for a cure was when my children were suffering from them. We tried many things — a loud noise to scare them away, holding their breath, gulping water, even standing on their head. Nothing worked. But finally, finally — our local news reporter did a segment on home cures. She had heard of a teacher who had been curing his students of hiccups for 20 years. And it always worked — absolutely and immediately.

  • Put water in a small glass — cold or warm, it’s up to you.
  • Then light a match and douse it in the water. (Do not leave the match in the water – just put it out in it.)
  • Drink the water.
  • Hiccups gone.

A friend told me that he had known of this for years. When he was out on the town and someone in the group got the hiccups, they would use 3 matches doused in a shot glass of water. Always successful.

A day after seeing this report, my granddaughter had the hiccups. I tried the remedy, and the hiccups were gone immediately. We now use this, and it always works.