Hillary Clinton and Her Faux Supporters

Hillary Clinton and Her Faux Supporters

“Astroturfing” is when a politician pays people to pretend like they support them on an issue and to make it seem as though it is a grass roots movement. Hillary Clinton has been publicizing her quiet campaign to go out and have discussions with ordinary Americans as if she’s going to somehow get her finger on the pulse” of the nation and thereby base her campaign upon what she learns.

As staged and badly as that sounds, the reality is actually much worse:

According to AP’s Julie Pace, what Hillary Clinton wants you to think is an honest conversation with average Americans, is actually a highly staged production with ‘pre-picked’ supporters in attendance.

These conversations are “with pre-screened, pre-selected supporters mainly” Julie Pace said, about Hillary’s campaign stops where she meets with locals.

Hillary Clinton and Her Faux Supporters

So the people she’s meeting not only already agree with her but they’re also Democratic operatives. Take this inspiring story from The Hill about Gary and Lenore Patton:

Lenore and Gary Patton could not talk to the candidate they had come to see. They could not even get out of their chairs.

“ ‘Hey,’ Gary said to no one in particular. ‘She’s smart. She’s experienced. End of story. … This woman has what it takes.’

‘She has ideas for the direction of the country she wants to go in,’ said Lenore. ‘She cares about the middle class. We’re about as middle class as you can get.’

‘She’s so experienced, she’s so bright, and she’s so adroit,’ her husband added. ‘And I came in here not necessarily feeling all of these things, but I go away thinking that we would be lucky to have her as the president, because she has so many attributes that you need. It’s an incredibly impressive performance.’ ”

The trouble is… they were placed there intentionally:

The roundtable in Hampton was Clinton’s largest yet. About 60 people came — including the Pattons, local activists who said they “fervently supported” Barack Obama in 2008 and now “fervently support” Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and Her Faux Supporters

7-1/2 years ago, the Pattons were considered a “power couple” in New Hampshire Democratic Party politics, as reported in the New York Observer on December 6, 2007.

Meanwhile, when a real Hillary Clinton supporter came up to her asking for an autograph she told her to “go to the end of the line.”

It’s shameful we have a candidate running for the presidential nomination that is so phony and it’s even worse she’s not getting called on it. She has a mixture of entitlement and arrogance. And it’s disgusting.