Hot Water Heater- Makes Things Hot In an Instant

We have passed through the peak summer phase and monsoon too has been a little low this year compared to last few years which  has taken a toll on the farmers’ income in a big way but that is a discussion for another day because this article is something different.

When there is a discussion of summer, it becomes important to mention that it is perhaps the most polarized of all seasons known to mankind where people always welcome a warmth in the weather but cannot tolerate the heat wave that comes up during the May-June period.

Nevertheless, the topic for today is in similar lines and yet, quite different as it concerns hot water heaters where you can heat water as per your convenience and enjoy drinking it during winter season.


Now water heaters are of different types where one is used for heating drinking water while the other type is to heat water for bathing and this device is also called the geyser, which you can find in almost every household in current times.

Geyser is an electronic device that heats up water for bathing purposes during both summer and winter which is why it is a saleable product although peak summer time is a different matter where you have to just heat it for a few minutes.

There is no practical definition for instant water heaters as they are basically for heating water that has flow sensors that are activated the moment they come in contact with water.

There was a time when water heaters were simply for heating tap water for bathing as mentioned above but the machines slowly started to evolve over time and today they can also heat water for drinking, which is used in numerous households for warming water for coffee and tea.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to rate water heaters into any category for they are unique devices that cannot be categorized into one aspect but are simply for usable purposes that go beyond our understanding.

Listing Out

As we are clear with the main concept, let us now look at some of the best instant water heaters that are available for use today so that it would be easy for people to decide which one to choose from.

Racold Pronto Neon is the first one that comes to mind as they have geysers of different size, shape and color because the brand itself is a reputed name that commands huge respect.

Morphy Richards Quente has a 2 year warranty to its name that can heat up to variants of 5 liter quantity of water in an hour that many families try out but only the ones that are small in number.

Orient Electric Aura is another contender that vies for the top spot among the best brands that uses power of 3KW with a 3 year warranty where you get the manual and accessories in a separate box with the safety measures included so that it becomes easy to manage after installing it in the bathroom.