House Cleaning Rates A Guide To House Cleaning Rates

Don’t you just hate it when you need to clean or maintain the cleanliness of your house but you have no time to do so? Indeed, cleaning can be a time-consuming task especially if you own a big house and it is also stressful. The only solution to this messy problem you have is to hire and get house cleaning services whether it is a maid service or a cleaning company. Let’s face it; if you really cannot clean your own house, have someone to clean it for you such as професионален домоуправител София. The question now is how much is it going to cost you? Do you have any idea about house cleaning rates?

Generally, standard and reasonable house cleaning rates range from 70 dollars or more and it is rarely less. But before you complain, understand that these rates are not fixed or limited to this amount alone. It can increase depending on some factors that affect the rates like the following:

Aspects that influence the House Cleaning Rates

Size of the house.

70 dollars is way too cheap if you want your huge and mansion style house to be cleaned. The size of your house affects the rates because bigger houses are more time-consuming and stressful to clean.

Package and Add-on services. House cleaning rates can also vary depending on package cleaning as well as if you want to have additional places to clean that’s not included on the package.

Cleaning schedule.

Normally, house cleaning rates will increase if you schedule your cleaning on holidays and weekends.

Style of the house.

Not all houses have the same style. Houses that are simpler in style and lesser rooms may have cheaper rates, but if your house is too complicated to clean, expect the rates to be higher.


Location can affect house cleaning rates too. If your house is located out of nowhere where the road is hard to travel on, rates will also be affected. That is also the same if you hire a housekeeper that is miles apart from your home. That is why you may save in rates if you hire local services.

Cleaning type.

Not all types of cleaning are the same. Do you want only your interior to be cleaned? Or do you need some major exterior cleaning like your windows and outer walls? If you only need to have your interior cleaned, it may be cheaper than exterior cleaning as it is less complicated.

With this, before you hire a housekeeper to clean your home, it helps when you ponder on these factors first to avoid complaints and regrets when it comes to house cleaning rates. This is also so that you can decide whether your need for cleaning requires you to hire services or you can just take a time off to clean your house on your own. Most of all, being guided by these factors that affect house cleaning rates will allow you to prepare your budget in case you require this service.