How To Choose The Best Hookah

Your typical hookah is basically a water pipe, which is used for smoking tobacco. It is built around a long flexible tube that draws smoke through a bowl, which contains water. Hookahs were first originated in India and then became very popular in Middle East countries like Iran and Turkey. Nowadays, it is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world and is highly recommended by a young generation of water pipe smoking fans. Smoking tobacco in a hookah has always been a kind of social activity because it can be shared by one or many people at the same time and under the same roof.

As we are in the 21st century, Hookah has moved on from being much more than a social activity but a gathering point for fringe groups to come together in the bar and smoke to their heart’s content, a trend that began in the Arab countries where it is impossible not to find at least one shisha shop in Jordan or Turkey or Dubai and continues to grow with each passing decade.

Hookah is used for smoking flavored tobacco with a single stemmed instrument or pipe. Smoke is created by burning coal (or charcoal) at the base of the hookah. There is a small bowl of water at the base through which smoke gets purified and gets cool and finally easily smoked through hookah pipe.

“Shisha” is the name of the flavored tobacco. The new generation of hookah smokers prefers the fruit flavors, while the most conservative smokers preferred the original raw tobacco flavor.

A complete session of hookah can last about 45 minutes or so. Modern and traditional hookahs are available easily in the online market. Modern Hookahs are available with improved designs generally made up of ceramic while traditional ones are made up of clay. You will find the most variety online like dragon hookahs, skull hookahs, 1 hose hookahs, 2 hose hookahs, 4 hose hookahs, as well as many accessories like hoses, coals, charcoals and tobacco.

How to Choose the Best Hookahs

While choosing your own personal hookah, there are many points which must be considered like quality, style of pipe, price and material used, height, number of hose, weight and more. There is an incredible array of hookahs available in the online market but choosing the right one according to your need and personal style is very important.


If you are going to be using your hookah socially with lots of friends then you might need to choose a bigger size. Try to imagine where are you going to be using it more and if the size of the room is enough for the hookah and your friends. If you want portability andor personal use then a smaller size might be recommended. The smaller size is generally reserved for personal use, a medium size is for 2 to 3 people but a larger one is for large gatherings or parties. If you are going to be carrying your hookah constantly you might think about buying a carrying case to protect your investment.


Another important factor is price. Buying a huge size hookah is expensive when compared to a smaller one. It is recommended to buy a new hookah, instead of purchasing a second-hand one just because you can’t be sure of what kind of maintenance it received from prior owners. Hookahs need maintenance and if it is brand new, less maintenance is required.

Material and Hookah Hoses

Looking for the appropriate material used in the main body of the hookah is very important and something to keep in mind when purchasing one. The tube must be of good quality, thick and resistant. The gasket should be solid as well as stable, so that it fits easily in the water jar. There is a wide range of hoohak hoses available in the online market, made up of different varieties of materials and in various shapes, but what is important is that the hose must be resistant and strong while remaining flexible. More hoses mean a higher number of smokers can smoke at the same time. The head of the pipe must be of good quality as well. Rubber grummets must be thick and insulated so that they can bear the heat produced during the tobacco smoking session.

Hookah Charcoal

Charcoal, which is used in hookahs, must be hard, easy to ignite, able to burn for a long period of time and of high density. Various brands are available in charcoal and that usually confuses the consumers. The most suitable one is that which will give long lasting pleasure. But buying charcoal is again one’s own choice and it gets better through experimentation with different brands.


Finally one has to see that how many people would be smoking hookah in one’s house. If more people are there, one can buy hookah bowls that have more than one head. One can also fit more hoses on hookahs. There are pipes available with more than one hose which would be very beneficial for parties and large gatherings.


The important factor when choosing your own hookah is the overall quality of the item. Quality depends solely upon the manufacturer use of materials and manufacturing experience while the design needs to fit your own style and personality. Don’t get confused with the varieties and options available in the online market; rather consider your own requirements and choose among a list of the best hookahs like the ones provided in this website.