How to Enjoy Puddle Game – know the basic rules

Water physics based games have been trending on the indie scene, and Puddle was one of them to catch my eye. I figured (based on videos and articles) that it would be a fun game that could keep me steadily occupied, and I was certainly correct. Puddle accurately portrays the physics behind water in a game while also twisting it, and creating levels that keep you interested, and are designed quite well. While the control scheme makes for a boring game, Puddle was able to overcome that and be quite fun.

Puddle has a pretty simple concept. You are given a certain amount of a liquid at the beginning of the level, and your goal is to make it through to the end with as much of the liquid as possible. While this is a seemingly easy task, let me tell you up front; it isn’t. I went into Puddle expecting a relatively easy game that would let me flow from one level to the next, but Puddle didn’t want that. The game took me by the arms and began to spin me around until it hurt. The checking of the features should be there to play online games. Free Games Download option will increase the engagement of the players at the game. The use of the right method of downloading should be there. It will increase the bonuses and rewards while playing games from home. 

The gameplay was really simple, but it grabbed me by the balls and took me for a spin. You literally tilt the screen back and forth (using L2 and R2, the controllers built in motion sensor, or the PS Move) and guide the water through the level. While this seems simple, the liquid never really seems to want to listen to you. You will often find yourself with so many broken up puddles of liquid that trying to control them becomes useless. The liquid finds a mind of its own, and you have to basically hope that luck is on your side, and that all of your liquid will make it into the puddle without being destroyed. The substances seem to take on their own life, and I guess it just added to the challenge of the game.

The only real times that the water’s characteristics caused me to rage was when I was dealing with the explosive substance. It turns out if this stuff hits a wall a little bit too hard, it explodes, causing all of the liquid to explode – resulting in you losing the level. Let’s just say that I might have screamed a few obscenities at my television when dealing with this. Individual things like this were the only real “problems” I had with Puddle, which is actually very comforting to be able to share with you readers.

Other than gameplay, one thing that really stood out with Puddle was it’s graphical style and artwork. With a game like Puddle that can get boring fairly easily (I mean hell, there are literally two buttons that you use to play the game), you have to come up with something else to keep the gamer enthralled. With Puddle, this was the graphics. Each level has a theme, whether it be a lab, the outdoors or even inside the human body. The way that the developers took these themes and integrated it into the gameplay was great, and in the end Puddle was actually a really good looking game.

Overall, Puddle was a very enjoyable game. Neko Entertainment did a good job of making a physics based puzzle game that was not only challenging, but gave you more than one reason to play the game. Though the gameplay was simple and sometimes frustrating, the graphics keep you entertained as you wont know what environment you will have to guide the liquid through next. Though Puddle was in no way a title to gawk about, it was presented very well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.