How To Get Your Ex Back – Know the tricks!!

You’ve just had a recent break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It wasn’t something that you wanted to happen, but, for some reason, he or she decided that your relationship needed to end. Now, you’re trying to deal with all the hurt, despair and loneliness that comes with breaking up when all you want to do is work out how to get your ex back.

But, I can hear you saying, “My ex broke up with me, what can I do to repair the relationship?”. And, this is especially hard to cope with when you don’t know why they broke up with you in the first place. But, there are things you should do and, of course, moves to get your ex back that are taboo and should be avoided at all costs! You can implement the right tricks and tips for getting the ex back in the life. The relation will depend on the mutual understanding and trust for long period survival. What tips should you choose? You will get the information when you click on the read more option.

How To Get Your Ex Back. Step #1 – Be Counter-Intuitive!

Now, it’s only natural that your first reaction to the breakup is to want to find out what went wrong between the two of you. However, that’s a bad idea! Even though the urge to contact your ex partner is almost over-powering, continually texting, calling or attempting to see them face-to-face to know the cause of the split can only make things worse.

Why? Well, it’s a fact that many people, usually men more than women, have difficulty when it comes to dealing with their feelings and emotions. By pestering your ex for the reasons they had for breaking up with you, you’ll most likely have them either clamming up completely or ‘heading for the hills’! And that’s not the scenario you desire.

On the other hand, some people like to “play” with the emotions of others, having them dangling on a string, so to speak. Unfortunately, it’s a down-side of people who are ego driven. Once again, if you’re repeatedly contacting your ex about the break up, trying to find a way of making up and getting him or her back, you could be giving them an ego-trip!

This will no doubt benefit to your ex-lover’s self-esteem, but will do little to help the possibility of the two of you getting back together again. And, you know what, it also makes you appear “clingy”, desperate and possessive…it’s D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y not a good look!

So, what does being counter-intuitive mean and how will it help you to get your ex back?

Being counter-intuitive in your reaction and response to a break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend requires you to do the exact opposite to what you think you should do. It’s probably going to be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do because it completely goes against the “normal” methods of dealing with a relationship split. Here’s T.W Jackson, author of “The Magic of Making Up” fame to explain this tactic…

As T.W. says, this is the in your strategies to get your ex back. Check out “The Magic of Making Up” to discover the other steps you need to take to help get your ex girlfriend or boyfriend back into your arms.