How to turn your body into an automatic fat burning machine?

Have you ever wondered how some people will never gain a pound no matter what they eat or how much they eat?

Imagine your body having such capability of burning fat automatically, even while you are sleeping. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of body that burns fat even while you are watching TV, or sleeping, or just doing nothing?
And if you think it is not possible, you are wrong. It is very much possible.
Many have achieved that. And you can too.

I will show you how you can turn your body into an automatic fat burning machine.

Now before we proceed, do you know why those people never gain a pound no matter what they eat or how much they eat?

That’s because they have a high metabolism.

Metabolism plays an important role in burning fat even while you are at rest. This is called basal metabolism.

Everyone has different metabolisms. That is because it depends on your age, genetics, food habits, lifestyle, and body type.

You cannot definitely control your age and genetics. Lifestyle is difficult for most of us to change.

So, we are left with food habits and body type.
For this article, we shall work on body type. I will discuss food habits in a different article.

Now coming to the body type – what exactly are we looking for in a body that would increase the metabolism?

To increase metabolism, the need for energy should be increased. When the need for energy is increased, your body will burn more calories and hence the rise in metabolism.
This is exactly what we do when we do cardiovascular exercises, or work in the garden, etc.
But these are only temporary and will only last a few hours.

To make it permanent, you have to create the need that stays permanent.
And the answer to this puzzle is – lean muscle tissue.

Muscles, just by being there in your body, burn more calories than usual. It is pure science. Muscles require energy to survive. So, they burn more calories. If you have good lean muscles, your body is an automatic fat burning machine.

How effective is it?

One pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day.

Imagine you put on 10 pounds of muscle – the result is “a burn of 500 calories a day”.
That is equivalent to 1 ½ hour of playing tennis.

Now, you might ask – “Isn’t it bad to gain muscle when I am trying to lose weight?”

No. It is not bad at all. What you are trying to lose is not weight. You are trying to lose fat.
And fat weights lot less than muscle while it occupies more volume. It is like cotton and iron.
By gaining 10 pounds of muscle, you don’t look all that different. But by losing 10 pounds of fat, you look a lot different.

And above all, you also want a good shape while you lose fat. Don’t you?

By building lean muscle tissue, your body will get a great shape and sexy look.
So, don’t worry about the readings on the weigh scale.
The bottom line is to LOSE FAT (the inches) and build a GREAT SHAPE.

That said, don’t rush to your local gym yet and start lifting weights.

First, you have to understand certain facts about muscle building.

Lot of us has a wrong opinion that – the more often you lift weights, the more muscle you gain.

But that is completely wrong. If that were true, all the construction workers would be competing for Mr. Universe title.

The only way to build muscle is by following these 2 steps

1. Hurt your muscle, and
2. Allow it to repair itself

The first part – “Hurt your muscle” – can be done by lifting weights so heavy that your muscle tears.
The second part, the most ignored but most important one, is achieved by resting that muscle for a period of time. Usually a week’s time.
If you are thinking that a week is too long, you are wrong. Most bodybuilders rest a certain muscle group for a week. The whole process of building muscle happens while you are resting. This is a very important time. If you ignore this rest period, you will never see the results.
Note: You should also eat a lot of protein in order for your muscles to repair.

It doesn’t mean that you should workout only one day a week. You should divide the muscles into 3 groups (ideal) and work on one group per session. Thus resulting in 3 workout sessions per week.

The ideal division of muscle groups is –

Day 1 Legs
Day 2 Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps
Day 3 Back, and Biceps

Now that you know how to build muscles, it is also important that you learn the correct way to do the exercise routines so that you will not hurt your muscles beyond repair.
The best option is to get a personal physical trainer. But most of us cannot afford a personal physical trainer. The next option is to join a local gym, and/or to buy a book, or video, or get some expert help on the Internet.
Some of you may prefer to do workouts at home. There are varieties of tools you can use to do your workout at home. Some of them are exercise bands, exercise balls, dumbbells, barbells, or even free arms (nothing). There are videos and books available in the market that can guide you in your workouts.

Following is a great ebook that will help you build muscles.

Get Fit While You Sit – Jeff Ball, A.C.E. certified professional trainer, came up with a bunch of various exercises “specifically designed for people who have busy schedules”. He has put up “36 exercises that cover all the muscle groups in your body”. All these exercises “can be done either free arm or using simple tools like a phone book”. And the best yet is that “they can be done either at home, work, some even in your car or plane”.
You can visit his web site here. Get his ebook today and take your first step towards making your body an automatic fat burning machine.