Lower Back Pain Relief – Easier Than You Think

Lower back pain relief can be hard to find for back sufferers. Countless people suffer from back problems at some stage in their lives. This is often the result of asking your back muscles to perform at a level that they have not been conditioned to do. If you are normally a bit of a couch potato, heavy lifting, yard work, or even playing catch with your kids can lead to “throwing” your back out. In normal cases this will only lead to muscle spasms or muscle sprains and in more severe cases to sprained ligaments, a “slipped disk”, or joint problems.

The key to lower back pain is knowing how to get relief. If you frequently experience pain in your lower back pain, getting that relief will feel twice as nice!

Easy Going Exercises

If you have just hurt your lower back, the last thing you probably want to do is exercise. However, there are many exercises that have been proven to provide relief for lower back pain. These exercises are relaxing, and more akin to stretches or warm ups.

One exercise begins with you lying on your back with your knees bent. Very slowly, raise your left knee to your chest, pressing your lower back to the floor at the same time. Hold for ten seconds, and then repeat for the right leg. Do the exercise ten times, switching back and forth between your left and right legs.

Rest Is The Best Medicine

Perhaps what would provide the most obvious relief for your lower back pain is rest. The best resting position for people who have hurt their backs is designed to take weight and pressure off the back. This position consists of lying on the floor with pillows underneath the knees. Your hips and knees should be bent, while your feet rest on a chair.

It is important to do this rest for one or two days only. Too much rest can cause the muscles to stiffen, making them hurt even more. It is important to try to walk around for a few minutes every couple hours.

Other Options

Nowadays, if you cannot get relief for your lower back pain no matter how much you try, there are luckily many other options. Heating pads can help muscle spasms to relax, as can ice packs and massages. There are also many wraps and other back products available for purchase that can provide relief for lower back pain. You should always consult your doctor and look for a spine center if the pain persists for a long period of time already.

Non prescription medicines are also an option. From ibuprofen, to ketroprofen, to naproxen, to aspirin, there are plenty of pain relievers that would meet your needs.

Life Goes On

Never despair as relief for your lower back pain is usually readily available in form of your local doctor. Together determine which course of action to take to get you on the road to recovery sooner and enjoying life again.