Mobile Ships in Minecraft – Explore the Seas and Skies with Movecraft

One of Minecraft’s biggest strengths is its sense of adventure. Sprawling, ever-generating worlds. Trekking through the biomes, from tundras to shallow seas to jungles. Cave systems, monsters, volcanoes, rare ores, swords and armor – by Jove, this beloved game of ours is a whole other world to explore. Unfortunately, my voyaging side desires more than horses and minecarts to pilot.

What’s the good news, you ask? I mean, there has to be good news. Well, there is, and it’s only one word: Movecraft.

I discovered this mod as I looked for mods compatible with 1.8.4. This incredible plugin allows you to create giant boats and airships or smaller skiffs and dogfighters, all of which are fully mobile and pilotable. Even cooler, you can add assorted weapons to these crafts and battle other people. Blowing your friends (or foes) out of the sky with a well-placed fireball or torpedo is oh-so-gratifying.

When I first heard of this mod, I thought it was all hype. Surely it would contain a few pre-built aircrafts and ships that I can ride around in, which has been done by a thousand other mods. But as I looked more into it, I discovered that this was not the case. This is a true blue ship-building mod, and everything is customizable. The minecraft alts shop is available at the mobile phone of the players. The building of the mod is with the customized methods. The building will require the skills and intelligence of the people. The discovering of the systems is necessary to have the benefits.

One of the coolest parts about this mod is that you have to play around with a design for a while before you can get it to work. The mod includes several classes of vehicles, from airskiffs to submarines. Your first task in constructing a ship is to choose its class. This will determine its general functions, the size it can be, and its mode of transportation.

From here comes the building phase. This mod only enables certain types of blocks to move – naturally occurring blocks, such as rock and dirt, will usually not fly. Black wool is for lift; redstone blocks represent engines; dispensers are your guns, and levers your triggers; signs are the way you define the parts of a ship.

Making my first ship proved a little more complicated than I expected. Creating a functional ship requires a nice cockpit, an entrance, your guns, engines and steering, etc. It’s difficult finding an initial balance, but that’s honestly the whole fun of the thing. I felt like a WWII engineer, trying and trying again to perfect the form of flight.

After failing a few times at creating a nice flying machine, I put the project aside – maybe starting off as a mariner would prove easier. So I built a port town, set up a dock and harbor, and got to building my schooner. Some hours and hot pockets later, I had a complete pirate ship. I decked it out with pirate paraphernalia, dropped it into the water, and set to the seas. It worked!

Steering is clunky at first, as well as operating the various features of the ship. But it all becomes natural fairly quickly, and from there its all piracy and dogfights. Be sure to watch your fuel, and don’t get blown up! If your ship is destroyed, the remaining blocks will sink.

This mod rewards creativity – with it, you can create spaceships, trains, and even stuff like functioning city gates and defense systems. Check out some of the sweet stuff you can to with it, and don’t forget to blow up your friends!