Penalties For Not Keeping Your Business Pest Compliant

More importantly, pest infestations can spell substantial disaster for any business, with penalties ranging from fines to business closures. In today’s blog, we explore all of the possible penalties – legal and otherwise – that can come from not being pest compliant.


The penalties your business could face from not handling a pest problem can vary between states and territories. However, depending on the severity of a pest problem will determine what penalties you could face.

In Queensland, Workplace Health and Safety Inspectors will visit different businesses either as part of organised/random health inspection checks or in response to complaints regarding the state of a particular business. While WHS Inspectors won’t only visit workplaces to assess pest issues, it is one of a number of causes of public health concerns that they will spend time looking into.

Ultimately, if a health inspector does find your business has a pest issue, they will likely present you with a monetary penalty and a timeframe in which to address the pest issue. Depending on the severity of your pest problem, a health inspector may even force you to close your business until the pest problem is resolved.

The severity of penalties will also increase if you fail or outright refuse to fix a pest problem by an allocated deadline. In these instances, monetary penalties could be far more expensive , your business could be closed for longer periods of time and, depending on your breaches, you may even have to face court, which could lead to substantial legal fees and settlement costs.

Other penalties

Outside of the penalties you can face from WHS inspections and lost business from forced shutdowns, there are also a host of other legal and non-legal penalties that can occur from failing to keep pests out of your business.

First of all, pest infestations can present notable health issues to anyone in your workplace, from your employees and customers to yourself. If anyone happens to fall ill or become sick as a result of your failure to maintain your commercial environment, they may decide to seek reparations, which they could proceed with through suing you.

But even when taking legal proceedings out of the equation, pest infestations are simply bad news for any business. Along with individuals falling ill, pests can also damage your building – meaning more unnecessary costs – and, in a more general sense, make your work environment unsafe. You could lose customers, employees and, if your pest issues are discussed in a public forum, your entire brand image can be damaged. So even if you think you’re safe from health inspections, you’re never safe from public discussion.

How Goode Pest Control can help

At the end of the day, the only way to remain pest compliant is to ensure you’re taking the right steps in management pest issues by keeping them out of your business. Unlike other pest control companies that simply come in, treat your premises to deter pests and leave, Goode Pest Control works on a basis of consistently managing pests and preventing them from entering your premises.

There are certain house owners that are wary of calling the pest control as they have imported tiles on the floor that are from and they feel it will damage the interiors and render them useless but good pest control are a different lot as they easily tackle the pests and can’t do much harm to the floorings. 

We are specialised in the area of commercial pest management and have HACCP accreditation. By seeking our services, we will come to your business to assess your pest problems, identifying where they’re getting in and what could be driving them in. We will help formulate a plan of both preventative measures and treatment that will keep pests at bay.

With the assistance of sophisticated equipment such as the ServicePro Barcode System, we will constantly keep an up-to-date report on your business’s current pest situation. We’ll also provide you with the necessary documentation that illustrates how effective our current pest management efforts have been, and extensive reports that you can refer to at any time via our website’s client area where you will also be provided with any documentation necessary to provide a WHS inspector.