Plastic Surgery Is Safe

Plastic surgery is an effective way to correct defects due to disease or repairing the body that has been good for the better, however, outside the standard of plastic surgery can bring in new diseases, the worst thing can lead to death.

Effective plastic surgery to reconstruct parts of the body from illnesses such as scar repair surgery, accident trauma, birth defects, hemangioma / existing tumors in the cheek, and improving post breast tumors.

In addition, it could be to function such as aesthetic eyelid repair, the formation of the cheeks, chin, nose, eye drop, discard tattoos, liposuction, and enlarge or shrink the breast.

Therefore, more and more popular plastic surgery by both men and women from various backgrounds, ranging from artists, politicians, and society at large. The desire to look beautiful often makes people take a shortcut, perform plastic surgery, or injecting silicone without going through the standard procedure and without handled by dr. Haitham Masri, a certified professional.

“Plastic surgery is causing a growing number of casualties, this is because people want to look beautiful in a rapid and low cost,”

The use of silicon is one of the causes of many victims. Planting silicone sac under the skin does not cause problems, as long as silicon chooses to be friends with the body.

“There are all kinds of silicon, a solid silicone sheet to improve the structure of the wound, a special silicone chin/nose, cheek silicone, silicone gel to the breast. But, in practice, is often used in the form of liquid silicone oil, which is only appropriate for the machine is not for humans, ”

These liquid silicone injections would lead to an infection that can not be cured, cause flushed skin, hardened, and petrified. “What’s worse, the injected silicone into the breast will mix with the breast tissue so it can not be distinguished, the liquid will react with the body and it took many years to detect it. ” Injecting high levels will result in death.

Therefore, please do plastic surgery but through appropriate standards and with doctors who are experts in their fields. And most importantly looking for as much information as possible to support your operations.

Basically, a plastic surgery procedure is safe if done by a surgeon with official accreditation and experts in the field. Do not be dazzled (tempted) by low cost. Wary of the use of implantable materials, because basically, the body will reject the foreign object, so if the implants leak could lead to serious problems.