Predominance Of N95 Face Masks Over Other Masks!

“Hey, wear your mask, wash your hands, sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!”

These are the most common words ringing in everybody’s ears with the world going crazy during the COVID-19 pandemic. But that is not it, “sorry, we are out of supplies is yet another winner!

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Not everybody is well-versed with the medical jargon and the diversity of masks available makes choosing the right one a hassle. The most commonly heard is N-95. What is it? How is it different? Is it better than the others?

Hold your horses, here is all about these hysteria-driven queries.

Elucidation of the N-95 mask-

This term has hit the fan during the pandemic. Once used only in the medical world, it has become a famous name in every household now. It’s not rocket science, though it sounds like one.

N95 is a rating for the effectiveness where N means non-oil protection and 95 is the percentage of efficiency. In simple terms, it is a protective face covering with high filtration proficiency to the airborne particles and a nearly facial fit to provide the essential air seal to the wearer.

Fun fact: A research was conducted to develop electrostatically charged fibers that filtered the air by attracting particles. The intention was to use these charged fibers as home air filters and not as masks.

Why Are N95 Masks Regarded As So Much Better Than Other Masks?

  • Face fitting- They are designed to accomplish an extremely close facial fit and proficiently filter the airborne particles and offer comparatively more protection than other surgical masks or cloth face covers. They are made to fit the face impeccably with the edges designed to form a tight seal around the nose and mouth. This enlarges their efficiency in shielding the wearer from both large as well as small particles. 
  • Not restricted to the medical industry- They are conducive to diverse fields and not only limited to the medical industry since they are made of materials giving 95% protection and come with the perfect face fit. The employees working at factories or in an environment containing dust particles, chemicals, etc, also use them to prevent being exposed to the air contaminated by harmful specks of dust, fogs, fumes, smokes, vapors, or sprays and to avoid occupational health hazards. It has an upper hand over other surgical masks and simpler cloth masks as they don’t create such a tight seal and are largely intended to prevent the wearer from spreading germs and cannot filter out tiny particles.
  • Comfortable to wear- It is designed keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin so that the wearer is at ease especially the frontline workers and healthcare professionals who are supposed to wear it for extended hours. They are lightweight and constructed with a soft inner layer for convenience and are easy to wear in hot and humid conditions as well.
  • Suitable for people with glasses- It has an additional feature of nose foam which makes it more favorable for those wearing spectacles. They are not bulky and ideally sized to fit into a pocket. Apart from this, they are structured for easy donning and doffing and fit on the ear perfectly.
  • Valve- Some N95 come with an exhalation valve which helps in reducing the heat build-up by quick dissipation of exhaled air, thus, making it easier to breathe.

N95- latest addition to the list of essentials!

Apart from the above-mentioned positives, they are affordable and do not cost an arm and a leg. N95 masks have become the need of the hour and are no more a luxury now. Proper care should be taken in securely putting them on and achieving that snuggle fit.

With all the benefits explained, the only question remains is regarding the supplies vanishing swiftly off the shelves of your nearest store. No need to get perturbed, Pandemic Pal sells medical supplies online all in one place, thus, making the lives of people easier especially those with special abilities or chronic illnesses. Get your essentials at a click!