Preventing A Pest Infestation This Summer

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, and many love the hot weather we are currently enjoying. But having to deal with a swarm of ants or wasps, for example, when you could be out in the garden making the most of this rare British sunshine (minus fly swatter), is the last thing anyone needs. Don’t let pests ruin your summer with these few simple tips below.

Prevention is better than cure

At the term ‘pest control’ many people imagine men knocking at the door in a protective coat and mask, not too dissimilar from the Ghostbusters’ costumes, to zap the little pests away. However (un)glamorous the job may be, there are a few key things that can be put in place in order to prevent a pest problem.

Many pest insects are attracted by strong, sweet smells such as perfumes and sugars. You only have to look at the inadvertent pollination process by bumblebees to see this. Also, animals, like humans, instinctively seek out food. So this can be applied in your own home and garden. Making sure your floors and work-surfaces are swept regularly, no crumbs or leftover food are scattered around, and rubbish bags are contained appropriately and collected frequently, is an easy way to get rid of mice and rats along with pest infestation. Even controlling your daily spritz of perfume can avoid the unwanted attention of bees, wasps, and flies.

Head to the storecupboard

As well as this, there are a few cheap and natural remedies that you will probably already have in your kitchen cupboard that can repel insects. Having spices about the home, particularly at possible entry points for bugs, such as open windows and the cracks of outside doors, can deter pests. Keeping mint plants dotted about the home too, particularly in the kitchen, is another idea. The acrid or bitter smells are quite opposite to the sweet scents most pest insects love, ants especially.

Maintain your garden

Many people suffer from insect bites during the summer months but it is not always as simple as buying an insect repellent spray to solve the problem. To avoid mosquitoes, reduce standing water by covering any barrels that collect water daily and draining any excess water from flower pots. Keeping water fresh too stops these places from being breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Ensuring your lawn does not grow too high can avoid any nesting bees or wasps, as well as painting/staining any untreated wood. Blinds and screens are also beneficial, not only for keeping your house cool but to stop insects from entering.

These are just a few of many ideas that can help keep your family safe this summer, and your home and garden free from pests. Of course, do not be shy if the issue grows out of control and give Hines Pest Control a call. We will be able to provide an effective treatment no matter how big or small the issue.