Reasons Why Android Tablets Are Better Than IPads

Many reasons come to mind when a person asks why android tablets are great. The most important reasons like their book reading use and gaming accessibilities are just the top reasons. But what about IPads, are android tablets better than IPads? Surely they are there are many reasons why don’t worry you will cover all the reasons below in the article. To just introduce the topic, tablets are used for many purposes that are often considered as a substitute for tablets since they provide better productivity and easier mobility. In terms of laptops, they are heavy and take a lot of effort to carry around. And during meetings and for presentations, it gets tough to use a laptop than a tablet.

Understanding the Usage of Tablet vs IPads

But what about IPads, they are tablet type tech too, right? Well, they may seem like the same thing, but IPads have many limitations that just make working on them more difficult and as far as the comparison of android tablet vs IPads goes, there are many reasons why tablets are more work efficient that IPads. Either you want a tablet for books, kids, office use or if you are looking for the best gaming tablet, IPads just don’t make the list! IPads work on IOS software from Apple that is just not compatible with the gaming industry, many games don’t even work on IOS and many software’s that are related to work don’t work too. Apple has their own software’s that are not compatible with other files, their filesharing method is only applicable to Apple users and thus, this limits your work!

Reasons Why Tablets are better companions

Here are the top reasons why it is better to own an android tablet than an IPad for any purpose, not just gaming.

  • Improving on the errors of size

The main reason people get skeptical about tablets is because of their sizes. These are bigger techs with big screens and need more space. Now, this is true, that’s why they are tablets, not mobile phones. But still, size should matter, right? Would you rather carry a huge device that you can’t carry in your purse or bag than a tablet which is like 5 inch and bigger? The 5 inch is the most understandable response. This is one of the most told reasons when tablet vs Ipads is discussed. Ipads take too much space and Tablets are more convenient in the same way.

  • Allow people to multitask

The main reason why tablets are such efficient machines is that their software allows people to do multitasking. You can use various windows at the same time on an android tablet. So you can play a game while keep texting your friend or work on that important report, all at once!

  • Better notifications

It is easy to miss important notifications and also handle your tablet. Ipads make it easy to miss notifications while tablet software is more efficient.

  • You don’t have to sync anything

Yes, you don’t have to sync anything anymore. In apple Ipads, everything needs to get synced with their Apple Ids, which just makes it inconvenient every time you update your IPad. But the same is not an issue with Tablets.

Imagine going to work for an important meeting. You are all prepared, you have your presentation ready on your IPad. You are all dressed up and ready to rock the meeting, but you can’t even connect your IPad to other systems, even the projection system. All that effort goes in vain for no proper reason, sounds depressing right? So why put yourself in such a spot?