Repairing Window Air Conditioning Units – Know about them!!

If you are looking for an article about finding the the right parts for your window AC, you are in the right place. You must know that air conditioners have few parts, so you need to figure out which one you need to relpace to fix it.

You should know the Price of an ATEX AC Unit and spending is from the budget of the people. Either it is Window air conditioner or other conditioner; the charges are reasonable one for the people. The fitting of the parts is with the correct tools to have the desired cooling. 

  • Overview of window air conditioner parts
  • The main components are the following:
  • condenser
  • the compressor
  • evaporator.

Both the condenser and the compressor are inside the case, along with the evaporator. As you may have noticed, there are not many parts inside a window air conditioner but they do an amazing job at keeping us cool. There is a liquid inside the air conditioning unit which is very volatile called Freon, and the basic function of an air conditioner is based on cooling and heating this liquid.

How the window AC works

First off, the compressor receives the liquid, and then the outcome is compressed gas. The liquid is made cooler when it receives heat from the compressor. A fan radiates the dissipated heat outwards. The condenser receives the liquid, and using the surroundings, reconverts the liquid into gas. As soon as all this happens, the surroundings of the air conditioning unit will become cool. As you may see, this process is very simple and amazing at the same time.

Your room will be cooled because this process is performed inside the air conditioning unit cyclically.

The hot coil is another important part of any air conditioning unit and it is located outside the heat that is used to dissipate the liquid. It also comes with a hot coil that you will find on the inside, and its purpose is to absorb heat.

Other important AC parts

The two other window air conditioner components that you need to know about are the control circuit, which is used to modify the temperature and a fan. Now things are becoming complicated but there is no need to worry because this article will explain you what you need to know. The control circuit accomplishes its task by using something called a potentiometer, which changes the speed of rotation of fans to cause cooling.

The most important part: The Compressor

The compressor is the most important part and the most expensive as well. Most firms offer warranty for the compressor of an air conditioner, and this part may last for several years depending on its quality and usage. You should switch to a new compressor if you find that the old one is faulty. A compressor might be installed into the air conditioner by yourself or a technician.

The compressor should be made by the same company that manufactures the other parts of the air conditioning unit for better results. However, you need to know that few firms manufacture their compressors, and most of them just buy them from some other firm and install them into their own units. You may also replace the evaporator and the condenser. This is the same for cooling and heating coils. Faulty dissipation of heats is caused by issues in the cooling or heating coils.

What you need to remember

Window air conditioning units have the following main parts: condenser, compressor and evaporator. The most important part is the compressor Each part of the air conditioner is easy to replace by a technician


As you might have noticed, you have learned a lot about what belongs to a window AC after reading this article and this information will be helpful in the future if you need to buy or use air conditioning units. Just follow these basic tips and you will find what you need.