Republicans Should Be Careful Responding to Obama’s Executive Action Amnesty Push


obama It is common knowledge that President Obama is going to issue an Executive Order regarding immigration and make a move to allow millions of illegal aliens to stay in the country and, possibly, to obtain amnesty. The Republican party needs to tread carefully as a wounded animal is still dangerous.

President Obama still has power… negative power. He may not have the power to make things happen but he can make things not happen. And he can draw Republicans into a trap making them act rashly in ways that will benefit Democrats in 2016.

Republicans need to drop the idea that what Obama is doing is somehow “lawless.” Issuing Executive Orders is not lawless. Obama is constrained by the same laws George W. Bush was. And Executive Actions can be overturned by the next occupant of the White House just as easily as they can be issued by this president.

Don’t take your eye off the ball.obama

Republicans can also refuse to fund whatever programs Obama’s Executive Actions create. Without funding, nothing can happen. This is not to say “shutdown the Government” just make it clear that whatever amnesty moves Obama takes will not happen.

Americans see Obama’s move for what it is… a brazen political power play.

Democrats will take a hammering if Obama is seen as the one creating the havoc.

obama The announcement is also going to happen around the same time that the Ferguson, Missouri verdict will be read that, most likely, will create so much violence that people will be distracted.

Obama is conducting guerrilla warfare on Americans and one of the first rules is to use your opponent’s strengths against them.

The main strength of the Republicans now is their power and the desire to flex it. Obama hopes to unify Republican anger and focus it on himself so as to make them lash out an embarrass themselves.

I can only hope the GOP doesn’t take the bait.