Review Ascent Vs Pax

Lots have of people have been asking which vaporizer is better, the Ascent or the Pax. It is a fair question because they have both emerged as two of the premier portables on the vape market today. So let’s go over a few things they have in common and a few of the things that makes them different.

The Pax is an herbal vaporizer just like the Ascent and they are both portable handheld units, but everybody already knew that. The Ascent starts with a leg up on the Pax because it can vape wax and other cannabis concentrates. People say that they can vape wax with the Pax but you have to use cotton and it is relatively inefficient in my experience. If you have found a better way to do it please let me know in the comments below, I am always open to new methods but for now we are gonna give that edge to Ascent.

I hope you all are well aware of dry herb vaporizer that is used for consuming weed. With the help of this you can easily satisfy your desire of getting high without getting caught. With the herb vaporizer you enjoy fine power of the weed powerful enough to make you high. The Pax is little bit smaller than the Ascent and is slightly more portable. The Ascent will still fit in your pocket pretty easily but when you line the two up side by side there is a noticeable difference. So in this regard we will go advantage Pax. The next thing that is pretty important to a lot of people is the battery life and there is a clear winner here, Ascent. Now you might say this is an unfair advantage because it has a bigger battery, but if we are going to take points away for size we have to look at why it is bigger and the advantages that size can bring to the table.

Appearance is a close one, I really like the way both of these two vaporizers look, they are probably two of the best looking vaporizers out there. The Firefly is also pretty sexy but between these two it is very very very close. I will give a slight edge to the Ascent because is has customizable skins and variety of stock designs while the Pax just comes in a few plain colors. But with that being said I am not deducting any points from either vaporizer when it comes down to appearance, it is really just a matter of personal preference and taste.

Where you will start to see some separation between the two vaporizers is in vapor production. The Ascent is more powerful than the Pax and will give you thicker clouds of vapor. The Pax can produce some nice clouds certainly but the Ascent has a more powerful heating chamber and it shows. Next we get to temperature settings. The Ascent allows you to adjust the temperature exactly where you want it, whereas the Pax comes with predetermined settings that cannot be changed. Advantage Ascent.

The last and probably most important part of the battle in my eyes is the purity and flavor of the vapor. The Ascent features a 100% glass air path, the Pax does not. The flavor is noticeably better while vaping with the Ascent and you can really taste whatever marijuana strain it is that you are vaporizing. I would recommend getting some good weed from the doctor and grinding it up, load the same weed into vaporizers and try it for yourself. Right away you will know see that while Pax was built for aesthetics and portability while the Ascent focused on vapor production and having a “pure vapor” experience.