Self Improvement- Make Yourself Appreciable to General Public

We all are taught to be good human beings right from childhood by our parents and for good reason of course as good morals and behavior certainly make you pure at heart without any hatred or malice for others.

Sadly, they have become a thing of the past because it can be seen that the current situation is very different and children don’t really listen to their parents apart from a very few exceptions.

However, this is construed in a negative way as people are of various kinds and the same holds true in this case as well because there isn’t a human being in existence that is without flaws and there is no one that doesn’t commit mistakes atleast once in his lifetime as current times are such.

Redeeming Quality

While there is little that can be done about mistakes, you can atleast find a way to make amends and this is what is the true redeeming quality in an individual that helps in improving his/her personality.

All it requires is a bit of self introspection that would help in identifying the mistakes that you make everyday albeit inadvertently and you don’t need to ask 75 hard boiled questions but a few simple ones that are important to be addressed.

Just be clear about the purpose in your life in what you want to become in the future because it is important to be forearmed in order to be forewarned so be clear on your life goals.

Ask yourself whether you are pure of character with moral values embedded inside you that would make you identify your behavior and thereby prevent you from taking wrong decisions.

Never be bogged down by criticism as that is for your own good and even if you don’t achieve success after repeated attempts, make sure that you have put your very best efforts into the task.