South Beach Diabetes Diet

In the twenty-first century, the popular culture is ruled by fad diets. The current wave of the diet craze is low carb. More people are ditching the bread and reaching for meat and cheese. Advocates for this type of dieting says that this type of lifestyle will lower the risk of obesity and diabetes, but fails to mention the impact of this type of eating on cholesterol and heart functioning. If you are a diabetic and are looking into a healthier way of eating, consider the south beach diabetes diet.
Here is some background on the south beach diabetes diet and why it may work better than the others:

Background on Diabetes
Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin production in the blood. When you eat something sugary, blood glucose levels are raised, which triggers the release of insulin into your system. Insulin will break down the glucose and covert is to energy. When you do not have enough insulin in your system, or when your body resists insulin, this can cause the sugar to be converted and stored to fat and not energy. More fat cells can cause a variety of health problems.

Diet Options
If you discover that you have diabetes, or insulin resistance, finding a diet that works well for your body is essential in maintaining good health and a healthy weight. Although some people suggest the Atkins diet, you may not want to consider that type of lifestyle. Atkins relies heavily on very low carb foods such as meat, cheese, and other high-fat foods that will not require as much insulin, and is slower to digest, thus causing a feeling of fullness and reduced eating leading to eventual weight loss. The only problem with this is while a diet high in fat is good for your waistline; it is not good for your heart or other organs. The south beach diabetes diet, however, is a little better rounded.

The south beach diabetes diet is a healthy balance of whole grains, fruit, lean meat, restricting most bread and sugars. It was born to reduce the negative effects of high cholesterol as well as stave of diabetes. If you are concerned about both health issues, the south beach diabetes diet may be a more beneficial diet for you than the others.
So, keep considering your options. No single diet if for everyone, and if you are living with diabetes, then you need to consider your options a little more closely.