Star Wars: Battlefront

The Star Wars franchise is a huge, worldly-known line of products, including everything from movies and toys to clothing and video games. I’m sure you could go to the darkest cave of Afghanistan, and the insurgents hiding there would probably know about Star Wars. They might even have a recruitment poster of Darth Vader hanging off a stalactite.

The one problem with this movie-based line is the huge array of products. Not everything is going to be as spectacular as the 1977 movie, Star Wars (also known as Episode 4: A New Hope). Those not so spectacular products go hand in hand with their video game renditions. However, not every Star Wars game flops harder than Jar Jar Bink tongue. You must take the great with the awful, I guess. 

When Star Wars: Battlefront was announced, fans of the series were pleased to hear about the direction LucasArts was taking with this title. What Star Wars fan wouldn’t be happy to hear that they can participate in every historic battle that took place in the galaxy? Battlefront was going to follow the same playbook as Battlefield 1942, with large maps, numerous infantry classes, tons of vehicles, and heavily manned battles. This was quite similar to as there were many star wars fans that didn’t like the game.


Star Wars: Battlefront has extensive gameplay on both the single-player and multiplayer side of things. I spent a lot of time honing my galactic skills in single-player, trying to conquer and topple the opposition. However, it was hard to root for one particular side, because the campaign had you switching sides every battle or depending on its location. There are two game types to be found in single-player. The first being Historical Campaign, which then separates into the Clone Wars era and the Galactic Civil War. They are both linear campaigns, and you can’t switch the order of the battles. 

 Each battle begins with a movie clip from one of the films. This is a nice feature and helps build up the illusion of being there during the battles. When the battle starts, you will see the map and various checkpoints that you can control. At the top of your screen, you will see how many soldiers each side has. Battles can have up to 500 people on the field during each engagement. When you spawn, you have a choice between five different soldiers. Each one has different qualities and weapons that will be useful in war.

Each faction has similar classes, like snipers and pilots and soldiers who carry heavy blaster rifles. However, each faction will have a specialized character class and weapons. For instance, the Rebels use Wookie Smugglers, who carry a powerful bowcaster and time bombs. Some battles will include third-party armies that will either help you or take you out. Nothing is more satisfying than fighting side by side with an Ewok or shooting a Gungan in the face. The artificial intelligence that you go up against is pretty decent. The higher difficulty settings are quite a challenge. You will see the computer-controlled team use more teamwork and strategies.