The Secrets Barista’s Use To Create Gourmet Coffee At Home.

 Are you like me and can’t walk past your favorite cafe without stopping in for a gourmet coffee? Are you also like me, and have discovered what a drain your daily coffee habit is having on your budget? If so, I can help you save hundreds of dollars a year from your budget without giving up quality or flavor with the help of the Best K-Cup Coffee Makers

 I know myself, that I can spend up to $3.55 a day on my favorite, skim milk cappuccino with a delicious shot of Irish Cream syrup! Mmmmmm. When you add it all up over a week though it becomes $21.30, over a month its $85.20, and all up over a year it’s $1,022.40. These figures are pretty conservative considering that some of you are indulging multiple times a day and possibly ordering cake or cookies to go with your coffee. These figures could skyrocket if you have a weakness for those wicked lattes with multiple syrups and lashings of whipped cream! 

 Good News! You don’t have to drink instant coffee to save $$$$$ 

 As much as I love my daily coffee, the thousand-plus dollars I was spending a year would go a long way towards me spending my vacation lounging around in the sun on some beautiful tropical island!!! How much money could you be saving a year? Imagine what you could be spending your money on instead! 

 Do you know how much you are currently spending on your coffee addiction a year? I was stunned when I decided it was time to confront my budget realistically, and honestly add up everything I had been spending on luxuries, such as coffee. I am sure you are just like I was, figuring that it was only a few dollars each day, but those few dollars a day sure add up over a year! 

 Now I am a practical kinda girl, if it means having a relaxing holiday I am quite prepared to give up certain things…. but gourmet quality coffee is not one of them!! There had to be a way that I could have my cake/coffee and eat it too! I decided the only way to save money was to make my own coffee at home. I mean, how hard could it be? So I decided to purchase my own home espresso machine. I couldn’t wait to get it home and start making my own great espresso drinks. 

 Coffee is just coffee….. right? Wrong! Have you ever taken a good look at the coffee section of your local supermarket these days? There are rows and rows of different coffee styles and coffee types and coffee roasts and coffee flavors…. Where do you begin? I stood there completely out of my depth. I had no idea what I needed to buy to guarantee great espresso coffee. After reading the side of almost every packet on the shelf I headed home with some coffee I hoped would be right for my new home espresso machine. 

 You can see where this is going…. right? Now, I consider myself to be a highly intelligent person. I read the vague instructions about what goes where and how to turn it on, etc, etc. So I did what they said and poured my first shot of espresso coffee, foamed my milk to make a cappuccino, and with immense pride at being so brilliant took my first sip. The taste was bitter, burnt, and disgustingly undrinkable with blobs of stiff bubbles that used to milk floating on top. I watched my money pouring down the drain along with my horrible attempt at making coffee. 

 How could it all have gone so horribly wrong? I was so upset thinking about all the money I had spent on an espresso machine and all the expensive gourmet coffee I had bought. That’s when I decided that I must be missing something, there must be something I am doing wrong. After months of trial and error, of researching the correct techniques used by professional baristas, I discovered the much-misunderstood techniques for creating perfect shots of espresso and soft velvety milk foam, every time, with just a basic home espresso machine. That’s why I decided to sit down and write a book, so I could save you all the time and money I wasted by giving you easy step by step instructions on how to make espresso coffee at home. All of that knowledge is now available to you in my full color 885 page downloadable coffee e-book. Click Here to Checkout the contents of this e-book 

 What do my customers say about my e-book? âWhat a great book! Thank you for the download and I look forward to the newsletters…I can see that you have strived for perfection with such a beautiful presentation…Keep up the excellent quality of both the book and the website.â 

 You can now learn from my mistakes! Buying my coffee e-book is so simple and easy, anyone can do it! and with my downloadable e-book, you could be making your own espresso today, in just minutes! 

 No need to wait for the postman, it is delivered instantly to your computer for you to read and follow at your own pace. Getting the book is so easy any computer novice could do it, I will help you all the way! 

 No need to pay extra postage and handling fees. My espresso coffee making course is delivered directly to you in minutes. 

 Simple, easy to follow step-by-step instructions which will guide you through each step for preparing authentic Italian espresso, by getting the maximum flavor from your coffee beans. 

 Start saving money straight away! As with anything you cook at home, you can be enjoying gourmet quality coffee for much less than you are paying for it at your local cafe. 

 Discover that there is more to coffee than just buying great coffee beans and an espresso machine. I will teach you the techniques you need to know to start making perfect espresso coffee at home 

 I’ll show you the best ways to buy and store your coffee, along with some great online stores where you can order your favorite cafes coffee without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

 Save even more money by learning easy do-it-yourself ways of roasting your own coffee at home using equipment you could already have in your kitchen. 

 Learn how to make delicious flavored coffees using special coffee syrups to make your lattes really special. 

 How to make sumptuous liqueur coffees to make for your someone special as a warm and cozy nightcap. 

 Cool of this summer by learning how to whip up your favorite chilled iced coffees and smoothies. 

 Save money and time when purchasing a home espresso machine by learning what you need to look for in a good coffee machine. Without these basic requirements, you are just throwing your hard-earned money away. 

 Entertain your friends by hosting a liqueur coffee cocktail party! Once you master the basics for making espresso coffee, you can begin to experiment with different flavors and create your own signature drinks.