The Top Personal Vaporizers Currently Trending

If you are reading this, then you are probably thinking about quitting the bad habit that is smoking and adopting a healthier option in electronic cigarettes. On top of the e-cig family is the personal vaporizer which is without a doubt, the hardest hitter in the market as it is. The personal vaporizer (PV) as it is commonly referred to, is designed for those who yearn more control over the vapor without necessarily worrying about its larger size. 

Basically, the amount of vapor generated by a PV easily surpasses that produced by any other e-cig and even smoke produced by a tobacco cigarette. Heavy smokers find PV’s very helpful in their quest to quitting tobacco cigarette smoking. Alongside facilitating large amounts of vapor, they also entail enhanced battery life that should carry you through the day which is quite impressive considering it’s designed for guzzlers. Moreover, you can easily but the vape liquid online for these PVs.

These revolutionary products even come with adjustable voltage properties that enable the user to provide the best temperature for each flavor. Indeed, PVs offer the user great control and power over the tool hence making it one heck of an experience. If your ordinary e-cig didn’t work for you, then this is what was missing. They have received their fair share of ridicules every now and then for their big and unpleasant nature, but real users can attest that it’s worth every effort. However, finding one that totally complements you can be tricky and quite challenging, owing to the wide variety of products available on the market. Here are a few top vaporizers on the market that you should probably consider looking at. 

The VaporFi VOX 50 Starter Kit: This without a doubt is the product that has been grabbing all headlines lately. VaporFi has gone all out in including a mind staggering 50 watts power into a sleek PV. Other interesting specs featured on the device include an OLED digital screen, a replaceable battery, adjustable power ranging from 7w to 50w, an auto Ohm resistance meter, and an impressive USB charging system. You are also likely to be provided with a six-month warranty depending on where you buy. 

The SouthBeach Thunder: Regardless of whether you are moving on up from e-cigs to PVs or just an avid e-go enthusiast this latest edition from SouthBeach Thunder will definitely tickle your fancy from the get-go. It is amazingly portable compared to others in its category and its sleek stainless finish or black casing should suit any character. Note that this is before mentioning its effective rechargeable battery with adjustable voltage properties and a? Thunder tank? to sustain you over long periods. The amazing gadget even threw in an exclusive airflow control atomizer that should take it a notch higher. The model is keen on offering enhanced flexibility to the user and you will get both a USB and wall charger in the pack as well. Great value for your money; enough said.

The Lava Tube Volcano 2.5: Regarded by most as a status symbol already, this product is indeed something else. For those getting into the PV game, this is the ideal gadget no doubt. It comes fully loaded with an LCD screen attached to +/- buttons for adjustments, 15 watts of output, and an auto-shutoff atomizer to save your battery. The volcano has provided 10 varying color finishes to choose from so as to match the varying tastes out there and preferences. All in all, the product offers a simplistic experience that is great for users. The year 2014 has been generous thus far to PV and e-cig enthusiast if the numerous models unleashed this year are anything to go by. From LCD to OLED screens and sleek to the masculine casing, PVs are definitely turning into the revolutionary products they were touted and destined to be. The above products have been reviewed by numerous sources and found to be reliable and outstanding. 

PVs are definitely the gadgets to watch this year but before purchasing one, seek to find one that matches your character, nature, and swagger. There are lots of cool products out there so do not hold back your research if you are to find a smooth gadget at a pocket-friendly price within your budget.