Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Bangkok

Of course, there is no shortage of famous tourist attractions in Bangkok, but for the purpose of the most recommended ones, I would suggest following destinations:

Royal Palace is without dispute the most typical example of the harmonious combination of Thai traditional architecture and Western styles. Thais believe that those who have visited the temple in the palace will receive the full blessings of the Buddha.

Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is the custodian and curator of modern Thai artworks and sculptures. It is home to more than 800 works to be collected and exhibited in 5 floors by a businessman named Boonchai Bencharongkul. Additionally, you have a chance to admire the collection of Thai abstract paintings following the emergence of modern Western art. Therefore, the museum is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who are engaged in Arts and interested in admiring artworks.

Featuring marble bar stands and a part the floor covered by honeycomb stones, Rocket Coffeebar S49 Restaurant is definitely an ideal destination for those who love taking “check-in” pictures.

Located quite far from the city center, Emmie’s restaurant has drawn the attention of both locals and tourists, even fastidious guests who want to enjoy a late-morning breakfast in the green space housed in a two – storey villa. Different places are there for visiting in the vacations. The spending of the time and efforts should be excellent with 대구건services. The allotment of the right time and efforts is there to meet with the requirements and specifications. The attention and attraction is made available to the visitors.

If you wish to “kick up” a new day by a tasteful breakfast in the pretty quiet space nestled in an alley, you should definitely give Kay’s Boutique Breakfast that a try. You can enjoy the buffet of a main course, a dessert, a cup of tea or coffee. Additionally, you might order any dish from the menu prepared by the chef.

Housed on the 4th floor of Commons complex, ROAST restaurant works all day long. Significantly, it offers a long menu of various fresh and healthy dishes. In addition, desserts and hand-made roasted coffee also help it attract a significant number of guests.

Featuring eyes – catching look of the wooden interior, D’ARK by Phillip Di Bella Restaurant astonishes its guests with an impressive menu of delicious foods. Thanks to the relatively open space, the restaurant is an ideal destination for family and friend meeting.

The regular guests of Rocket Cafe are office workers who do not have much time for lunch but want to enjoy tasteful food. The plus point of the restaurant is the pastel that is young and dynamic.

As one of the first coffee shops following the wave of brown bear cookie, Think Café is undoubtedly a popular destination with those who have a sweet tooth. Additionally, it is successful to capture the attention of guests right in Siam Center thanks to black and white decoration, wooden tables and chairs, big teddy bears serving as comfortable pillows.

Wonderwall The Kaffebar Cafe has long been known as the regular venue for coffee processing competitions. Therefore, the coffee shops offer “high-quality” coffee that promises to leave a wonderful flavor in your mouth right you take the first sip. Significantly, the shop grasps the attention of visitors with impressive internal space of wooden decorations, the open-air external space, the iron door frames that remind us of traditional houses in the western region of the United States.