Want To Switch From Fat To Fit? These 4 Supplements Will Help You Gain Muscle

Who doesn’t love seeing those lean bodies with no hint of fat, whatsoever? Everyone, but the truth is achieving that body takes a lot of effort, and sometimes our body hits a plateau, and there is nowhere to go.

It doesn’t happen because your workouts suddenly became ineffective, but because your body has gotten used to your workouts and diets, it doesn’t get affected anymore. And no matter how many times you’ve read Matt Marshall’s underground fat loss manual, your body solely doesn’t seem to lose the stubborn fat anymore.

If you connect to this, you need a supplement to restart the fat burning and muscle gaining in your body. But before we understand what these supplements are, let’s talk about the what, why, and when.

What is a dietary supplement?

As the name suggests, these are supplements that you need to include in your diet along with your regular nutritional foods. These dietary supplements have a concentration of nutrients that not just helps complete the requirements but also provide that extra something so that your body can lose the pounds or even convert the fat to lean and firm muscles.

Supplements are available not just for losing fats but completing diet requirements as well. Moreover, they help a person suffering from symptoms of a specific disease due to the lack of nutrition. For example, if a person’s bones are weak, a doctor would recommend them to consume supplements that have a high dose of calcium to heal and regain bone strength. 

Dietary supplements vary as per requirement, age, and condition of a person, but when a person consumes supplements for weight loss, there are many things one should know; keep reading to understand why should you consider taking these supplements.

Why should you consume dietary supplements for weight loss?

Everyone loves to stay in shape, but it’s not easy, nor is it remarkably challenging, especially if you consume the right supplements.

Often, while working out, our body stops to make progress even when we are extremely strict with our diets and workout routines; that’s what the fitness world calls a “plateau.” Similar to a real plateau, the line of progress is flat. Your body has become so used to the routine that it refuses to make progress. Supplements at this point can provide that kick your body desperately needs. When you include these additions to your diet, they begin their work and block bad fat from being absorbed, and some may even help you curb your appetite.

When should you take dietary supplements for weight loss?

Besides consuming these supplements when your body hits a plateau, if you take them right from the start of your workout plan until you reach your goals, you will see better results.

If you consume supplements, aside from aiding in weight loss, they will help your fulfill the levels of nutrients your body requires.

Every nutrient comes with a dosage instruction, and if you are consulting a dietician, ask them what timings would be appropriate according to your diet and routine plans.

Finally, which dietary supplements are good for weight loss and muscle gain?

  • Creatine-

This supplementary fiber is a molecule that naturally gets produced by our bodies and mainly provides energy to our muscles. But as our bodies pile on weight, the production slows down. But when a person consumes this supplement, it helps kickstart the production of creatine and aids in muscle building and helps them gain strength and perform better in physical activities.

  • Protein-

Everyone knows that protein is the most significant contributor to muscle growth, but very few meals can fulfill the nutrient content required by the body. If we wish to gain muscle, a protein supplement becomes essential to include in our diets. Moreover, a protein addition helps curb appetite, so not only will your be aiding muscle growth, but you will also be losing fat due to controlled portion eating.

  • Beta-Alanine-

As fancy as the name sounds, it is an amino acid commonly taken by those who wish to work a few extra hours in the gym. It helps boost energy levels and reduce fatigue to allow you to burn off additional calories and perform high-intensity workouts. When you combine high-intensity interval workout programs or HIIT programs with Beta-Alanine supplements, you will get efficient results and convert fat to lean mass muscles. Moreover, Beta-Alanine also helps preserve muscle mass and may even promote muscle growth. It helps boost protein absorption and prevent nutrition from getting wasted.

  • Beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate (HMB)-

This is another molecule produced by the body, but the productions tend to become slow over some time. Moreover, HMB also increases the effects of other nutrients, including protein, leucine, and other essential nutrients. It also helps breakdown muscle proteins. Taking a supplement will increase levels of production of HMB and help increase muscle growth. According to research, people who do not perform any exercises can convert their fat weight to lean muscles. Moreover, it is the most effective supplement, especially if you are a beginner or plan to start high-intensity workout programs.

So, if you are planning to lose weight and gain muscle or even simply trying to start progress after you’ve hit a plateau, you may benefit from taking these supplements along with a good read of Matt Marshall’s underground fat loss manual.