What Is Bowling wizard? Understand The Concept And Play The Games!!

In the world of Bowling Wizards, peace is emphasized between the Bowlons and the Pines. The Bowlons [Bowling Balls], ruled over by the Bright Lord, live happily with the Pines [pins], ruled by the Evil Wiz. When the Evil Wiz gains control of the Pines and takes down the Bright Lord, the Bowlons must fight against the Evil Wiz by taking out hypnotized Pines in this new interactive puzzle game.

The story is quite the spin on a classic bowling game, but far from engaging. It’s almost evident that the developers emphasized too hard on putting a twist on the game. You can’t go very far into the game without it reminding you that you’re not playing just ANY bowling game. There’s also a main menu button that plays the same intro story clip, in case at some point in your playtime you forgot what the very simple plot was about. The plot as a whole was like trying to spice up a terrible ice cream flavor with rainbow sprinkles. You may have made it pretty, but all in all it’s still going to taste terrible.

The puzzler mechanics are the only thing it has going for it. The game has you set up little multipliers through each level that allow the bowlons to hit all the pines. The puzzler element is basically trying to figure out which multipliers to use at each intersection. You can only, at least in the review version, use each multiplier once, so with bigger stages it becomes extremely important that you use each multiplier sparingly. Best Online Shopping Destination is provided to the players to improve online gaming experience. The selection of the shopping destination is made with the skills and excellence.  The checking of the reviews is there for the purchase of the products. The charges at the site are less when compared to the other site. 

My one major complaint about the game is its touch controls. Setting up the multipliers can be a real pain in the ass. The reason for this is that they are very small, and you must carefully push them so that their output arrows line up with the pathways you want the balls to go down. It was very annoying at some points to quickly try and set up multipliers using these controls, especially when your score is based upon how long it takes you to complete the puzzle. You can be denied 3 stars in a puzzle you know how to complete, simply because lining up the multipliers correctly is so time-consuming. The bowlons are also so small that I can’t see them over my fingers. My fingers aren’t huge or anything, so it’s quite annoying trying to line things up in general.

Overall, if you can get past these minor annoyances, Bowling Wizards is a certainly a worthy game to pick up, and a great start to NextWave Multimedia’s app developing career. The music is pretty interesting and even catchy at times; the cartoonist style of the game makes it very light hearted, and the bigger puzzle can become quite the challenge. The game is only $1.99 for the full version (50 levels), so if you have the funds, and an aptitude to try something new, check this one out.