What Outdoor Plants Can Be Given For A Kid’s Birthday?

Kids do like toys. But isn’t that a gift everyone in the party would get for the little one? Now you might be thinking what else could you gift if not for toys? Well, let’s go eco-friendly for a change. How about a gift that can teach them to love Mother Nature and be thankful to her? Gifting a plant will be an excellent idea for starters. Teaching a kid gardening will not only be amusing for the munchkin but will also render a beautiful edge to your garden.

However, there are certain points to remember when you go to select plants for kids. The ideal plants for children are those that are low in maintenance hassle free, and grow quickly in a short time. Good news is there are many such plants that fit these criteria and here are some of them.


These flowers are must for a kid’s garden. The seeds of the plants take a week’s time to germinate and are found in a variety. If you want you can also give kids the ones which will even grow as tall as them.


These might not be the ones that grow in a less span of time but these have been the favourite one amongst the kids. What is more amazing than to see them grow up only to be ready to grow up big enough for the Halloween?


These are perfect for young gardeners thanks to their low maintenance perks. In fact, marigolds can go on for long even with rough handling.


Potatoes are one thing that almost every kid loves. It is easy to grow as well. New potatoes stem from the eyes of an already existing potato only. And, it will be definitely amazing for you little one to see multiple potatoes growing from just one single potato.

Cherry Tomatoes

These crimson round sweet potatoes add a pop of colour to your kid’s garden with their bright colour. These grow easily and hence will definitely be an amusement for kids to see them grow.


It is one of the most commonly grown herbs with fresh aroma and a great one for your kid’s first garden. You will find mint plants in numerous varieties and also with very unique scents. And oh yes, Mint is a fantastic idea for mannen verjaardagscadeau as well. Your man would love to have garden-fresh mojito on his parties.


These are fast growers and also reliable. Cucumbers are a breeze to harvest as well. It’s because once the seeds are placed properly, these don’t really need much attention. Your little one will have a great time picking them with their friends for garden fresh salad.


Snapdragons are vibrant and add splash of colours to your kid’s garden. It’s fun to pinch open or close the plant’s mouth and your munchkin will love it.

So, you have quite a list here. All these plants are excellent for a kid’s gift and will help him to grow into a sensible and caring person.